Made from one of the highest and safest grade of surgical stainless steel, Royal Prestige® cookware is one of the most advanced cooking systems available in the market today that is non-reactive with food.

No Oil | No Water | Max. Nutrition | Time & Energy Saving | 50-Year Warranty


A low-fat diet is a healthy way to feed your family. With Royal Prestige® cookware, you can cook all types of meat, poultry and some types of fish without any added ghee, fat or even a drop of cooking oil.

All meats and poultry contain juices. Part of it is water, but unfortunately most of the juice is fat. By trimming the visible fat from the meat before cooking and then “pan-broiling” the meat in the cookware without adding any fats or oil, you can enjoy the tender juicy meat that is much lower in fat and calories.

How it works?
Preheat the Royal Prestige® cookware on low flame for about 3 minutes. The temperature is correct when a few drops of water are sprinkled on the utensil and they move around the surface without evaporating. If they immediately disappear, this is a sign that the cookware is not ready to be used.


Royal Prestige® cookware cooks fresh and frozen vegetables, without the need to add or drain-off water, preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals in your foods. Our cookware reduces the loss of nutrients that occurs with other traditional cookware and cooking techniques, and, at the same, time ensures that the natural flavours of your meals are maintained.

Vegetables and fruits have high water content that is enough to cook them as long as the heat is controlled and the moisture is retained inside the pan. The 5-layered sturdy construction of Royal Prestige® cookware provides even heat distribution that allows vegetables to cook without adding water and boiling it to distribute the heat.

How it works?

The Redi-TempTM valve signals when the perfect cooking temperature is reached approximately 82°C/180°F. This temperature is enough to kill germs and bacteria, which may be on the food, without destroying all heat sensitive nutrients.


Royal Prestige® cookware products – 5-Ply and InnoveTM – provide a unique and proven waterless and oil-free cooking method, that maximises the nutritional value and flavour of your meal. Because there is no need to add any oil or fat while cooking, you can enjoy meals that that are not only lower in fat, but also healthier. What’s more, Royal Prestige® cookware retains more nutrients in your meal thanks to the waterless cooking method.

A study performed by Covance Laboratories – an independent global contract research organisation headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey USA – showed the total average variation in nutrition for food cooked in Royal Prestige®cookware was higher than the retained nutrients in a traditional cookware.


Cooking in Royal Prestige® cookware takes less time when compared to traditional cookware. The 5-layered sturdy construction ensures prompt and even heat distribution that allows the vegetables on top to cook just as well as those at the bottom and makes the cooking process faster.

In addition, the Redi-TempTM valve signals when the optimum cooking temperature is attained – a signal to lower your cooking temperature. As a result, you cook faster, substantially decreasing your cooking time and thereby saving energy. The study performed by Covance Laboratories also showed the total average variation of energy used by Royal Prestige® cookware was lower than the energy used in a traditional cookware.


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The total average variation for food cooked in Royal Prestige® cookware:

Royal Prestige® retains more nutrients and saves energy.

Total average variation in nutrients


more nutrients retained  by Royal Prestige® cookware


more nutrients retained by Royal Prestige® cookware


more nutrients retained by Royal Prestige® cookware

Total average variation of energy used


more energy used when boiled in traditional cookware


more energy used when boiled in traditional cookware


more energy used when boiled in traditional cookware

Note: Nutrient testing performed by Covance Laboratories, July 2008. Figures have been rounded to the nearest decimal.