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Richardson Sheffield Artisan – 6 Pc Knife Set Block Black

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The stylish and user-friendly kitchen knives from Artisan are specially designed for everyday use. Artisan is afforable, durable and fits every kitchen with its classic look.

About Richardson Sheffield: Richardson Sheffield Knives are crafted from the best quality materials for lasting performance and durability and ergonomically designed to give you precision, confidence, and control. Suitable for washing in a dishwasher. Blades that never need sharpening. Ergonomic design with polypropylene handles for greater control and sealing.

In box contents:
• Peeling knife
Ideal for peeling and cutting fruit and soft vegetables
Blade: 8 cm, total length 19 cm

• Tomato knife / steak knife
Matching your kitchen knives. The name says it all, ideal for cutting your delicious steak and tomatoes as well.
Blade: 11 cm, total length 21.5 cm

• Household knife
A very versatile knife for portioning meat and vegetables.
Blade: 12 cm, total length 22.5 cm

• Cook’s knife
A knife with many applications, with a wide flared blade that allows the knife to swing during cutting
Blade: 20 cm, total length 32 cm

• Bread knife
With the rippled blade you can effortlessly cut through the crust of the bread and cut beautiful slices without tearing the bread.
Blade: 20 cm, total length 32 cm

• Meat knife
Perfect for carving and slicing larger pieces of meat, fruits and vegetables and poultry.
Blade: 20 cm, total length 31.5 cm

• High quality martensitic stainless steel
• Ergonomic design with polypropylene handles for greater control and sealing
• Dimension: 80x160x360
• Weight: 1400
• Color: Wooden
• Material: Chroom Molybdeen Vanadium (MoV) steel

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