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Royal Prestige Innove – 14″ Paella Pan (35cms) + Paella Lid

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Made from one of the highest and safest grade of surgical stainless steel, Royal Prestige® cookware is one of the most advanced cooking systems available in the market today that is non-reactive with food. Its sturdy (5-layered) construction coupled with cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality allows it to be the only cookware available with a 50-year warranty. Royal Prestige not only allows you to cook without oil and water, but also saves time and retains more nutrients than any conventional cookware, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

  • The inner surface is non-reactive, made of T-316 grade surgical stainless steel.
  • Every cookware comes with a lid of its size.
  • 14 inch / 35.5 cm diameter.
  • 6-quart / 6 litre capacity.
  • Includes versatile handles that are detachable and interchangeable.
  • Induction Capable


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