Brabantia Stackable Laundry Box, 35 litre - Grey

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Out of stock

Do you want more than one laundry bin, but don't have the floor space for it? Get one of those smart 35 litre Brabantia Laundry Boxes - rectangular and stackable, with double space saving power. The sturdy boxes have a lid at the top and an opening at the front, making it easy to throw laundry in and take it out again. Stack them and create your own sorting system on minimal floor space!

Height - 44.5 cm, Length - 37.0 cm, Width - 32.0 cm
Capacity - 35 ltr

Easy to Clean


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Brabantia is a family run, global interior design brand, renowned for bringing smart and stylish design to kitchen and homewares. A trusted and loved brand with beautifully practical solutions for waste management and laundry care to food enjoyment and bathroom accessories. All made with integrity and sustainability.

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