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Dartington Crystal Prosecco Glass, Set of 6

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Impress your guests and friends with Dartington Crystal Prosecco glasses specially shaped for this popular Italian sparkling wine. Slightly shorter and wider than a traditional flute, the shape accentuates the flavours and carries a Frothy head of bubbles. These stylish stems can also be used for serving Champagne and other sparkling wines. Great for your own prosecco party or as a lovely gift idea.

Set Includes: 6x Prosecco Glasses

Height: 21.5cm
Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Will not etch, cloud or discolor for the life of this glassware.


Handmade Glass Drinkware

Born in 1967, Dartington Crystal is UK’s leading manufacturer simple yet functional glassware. Built on a clean and simple design style, handmade using age-old techniques of its Scandinavian roots. Every piece of Dartington Crystal requires the skill and artistry of gifted glass makers.

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