Royal Prestige Innove Gourmet Skillet - 20cm

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Our Gourmet Skillets are stainless steel frying pans that are most likely to become your favourite pan. Versatile for all types of cooking suited to Indian households, its perfect for single-serving meals, preparing meals for kids, sauteing vegetables and even frying eggs!

• Oil-free and waterless cooking to preserve maximum nutrition
• Made of T-316 grade surgical stainless steel
• 5Ply Construction
• 50 year warranty
• Faster cooking with even heat distribution
• 8 inch | 20 cm diameter
• Every cookware comes with a lid of its size
• Induction Capable

Diameter - 20cm
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Royal Prestige

Innovative Cookware

Made from one of the highest and safest grades of T-316 surgical stainless steel, US-based Royal Prestige cookware is the cookware for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. All our products come with a 50-year warranty so that you enjoy energy saving benefits of green cooking and better-tasting food.

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