Royal Prestige Innove Medium Lid

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Made from one of the highest and safest grade of surgical stainless steel, Royal Prestige® cookware is one of the most advanced cooking systems available in the market today that is non-reactive with food.

• Made of T-316 grade surgical stainless steel
• 5Ply Construction
• 50 year warranty
• 8in or 20 cm diameter
• Fits the 8-inch Skillet, 3-quart Dutch Oven and 4-quart Dutch Oven
• Includes temperature control valve for optimal cooking

Diameter - 20cm
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Royal Prestige

Innovative Cookware

Made from one of the highest and safest grades of T-316 surgical stainless steel, US-based Royal Prestige cookware is the cookware for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. All our products come with a 50-year warranty so that you enjoy energy saving benefits of green cooking and better-tasting food.

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