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I am very passionate about my cooking and people love my food. Once I cooked vegetable stew for my cooking class from home and them later during the demo I used Royal prestige vessel and it turned out more tastier, as I could get the original flavour of the vegetables and masala. It was an eye opener so I decided to buy the same vessels and now I do all my cooking including food for my tiffin services in them. Its now my best friend and I treat them so delicately because I know they are more than worth it.



Royal Prestige’s products are a blessing to me. Being a cooking teacher for so many years, to find a pan that cooks faster in minimal or sometimes zero oil/fat is nothing less than a treasure and to have a whole set of 4 of these simply makes life so much easier! It’s nutritional perks, time-saving nature and health benefits are worth every penny spent on it. Since I get regular requests for healthy and low-cal recipes from students these days, Royal Prestige has made it convenient to deliver their demands. In so many years of cooking, I haven’t seen another product that delivers well-being of this sort in Indian kitchens, which is why, I recommend it to each one of my students on a daily basis and even enjoy its unique features in my workshops with them. I’ve also bought a separate set of these for my home-use and I couldn’t have been happier to have my nutritious worries taken care of by my new favorite set of kitchen toys!


I cook regularly in the Royal Prestige cooking-system and enjoy it thoroughly. It’s safe, non-toxic, quick and easy to use, and helps cook greaseless meals.And what’s more? The food tastes delicious.Another advantage is that I can bring the same dish onto the dining table without having to transfer it into another vessel.I highly recommend it to all..It indeed makes for ‘happy and healthy cooking and eating’


Royal Prestige has transformed the way I cook – firstly, by cutting down cooking time to minutes for basic vegetables and daals, and secondly, going oil free. It allows me to choose the fat to add and quantity rather than it being a cooking aid. This has resulted in healthier, fresher and more nutritive food for us everyday. I have finally been able to get rid of all non stick/Teflon coated cookware and can have the peace of mind that I’m cooking in the best and there are no chemicals lurking around in my food.



As most people around the world I used to use Non-stick cookware which I found convenient to use, easy to clean and minimal oil requirement. So, imagine my shock when I read about the risks of that same coating – that protects is actually harmful when it starts to break down as it turns toxic.  As a working woman it is extremely difficult for me to spend time in the kitchen, but health of my family is a #1 priority, that’s why I switched my entire cookware system to Royal Prestige. Its 5-Ply system allows cooking without the grease or cooking oil maintaining the nutritional benefits and 50 year warranty ensures I don’t have to worry about the wear and tear.  My cook took only a few days to learn how to adjust the timings of cooking and without oil – the result has been oil free, looks fresher and is so much more nutritious. One of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my family


I attended the event at Palate Culinary Studio on 27th Feb, 2016 regarding the demo of Royal Prestige cookware. It was truly a great experience. Being a homemaker, I was not aware of so many pros and cons of the utensils we use. The team was not pushy at all and the session was a lovely interactive one. Not to forget mentioning that the stuff cooked in the cookware was super…Unbelievable that suji halwa can be prepared without ghee!!!