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Who We Are

ThinKitchen by Seeba Lifestyles

ThinKitchen is a transformative multi-brand retail concept focused on heralding a new era in India’s premium kitchenware space. An integral part of Seeba Group, ThinKitchen is looking to transform the way we cook and think about our family’s health. The goal is simple – we want to encourage families to cookeat and live a healthy and happy life.

ThinKitchen offers an eclectic mix of brands in the “prep to dine” experience through its range of cookware, kitchen tools, crockery, dinnerware, and cutlery. ThinKitchen exclusively represents some of the world’s premier kitchenware brands – the pioneers of healthy cooking systems Royal Prestige® (USA), the iconic and leading British brand Richardson Sheffield (UK), the finest quality cutlery from Amefa (Netherlands), modern stoneware from Denby (UK), and the in-house brand of quality kitchenware and cutlery of Seeba – The Kitchen Company (India).

The diverse collection offers a perfect balance between design and functionality, providing Indian cooking enthusiasts with world-class quality products for both kitchen and table settings that helps prepare food in the healthiest and safest manner possible. The focus is to promote healthy cooking by using the right tools.

All products available through ThinKitchen™ come with an extensive warranty of 10 to 50 years. The quality associated with these products ensure that they last for a lifetime!


Director, Seeba Lifestyles

An economist-turned-entrepreneur with a social perspective, Manushi Jain is an inspiring mother with a strong focus on health values – Cook, Eat and Live Healthy – through her deeply anchored tradition, she wants to inspire the Indian palette to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

Manushi aims to transform the way Indian families cook and “think” about their kitchens. She says, “There is a basic unawareness about cookware materials and what it does to the nutritional value of our meals. Sourcing healthy and organic food is not enough because conventional ways of cooking are destroying the nutritional value of our food. It’s not just what we eat that matters, it’s how we prepare our food that matters – and that means using the right cooking tools.”

Manushi’s efforts led to the launch of the ThinKitchen™ store – a multi-brand retail concept housing carefully selected high quality international brands in preparing, cooking and serving including Seeba Group’s in-house brand The Kitchen Company that has been exporting and Europe and the USA for over 30 years.