Dartington x Vaniitha Jaiin : The Connoisseur Collection - Whisky Tasting Glass Set of 2

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The Whisky Tasting Glass is part of ‘The Connoisseur Collection’, a exclusively designed collection by India's leading alco bev expert Vaniitha Jaiin of the Perfect Pour, UK's leading glass manufacturer Dartington Crystal and  thinKitchen™.

Hand-crafted in England using age-old mouth-blown glass making skills, this Whisky Tasting glass  is made using the finest crystal. This material provides a luxurious weight and feel in the hand as well as brilliant clarity.

The wide bowl of this glass allows a generous amount of swirling while you study the colour and appearance. This shape and swirling action also promotes the 'opening-up' of the spirit and helps release the full aromatic profile before you nose and taste.The well balanced, short and solid foot makes it easy to hold and handle.

‘The Connoisseur Collection’ brings innovation and passion together to create a must-have for enthusiasts and experts alike. The collection, comprising of two individual sets of whisky tasting glasses and universal wine glasses has been designed after a detailed study of glassware used for various types, ages and styles of wine and whisky.

Length - 7.6 cm, Width - 7.6 cm, Height - 11 cm

Special things are worth looking after. To enjoy using your crystal in the future and to keep it looking good, we recommend the following:

DO’s :

Wash your crystal before use.

Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Dry with a soft cloth holding the glass by the bowl, not the stem.

Stand or store crystal stemware right side up to avoid damage to stemware rims.


DONT’s :

Expose crystal to rapid temperature changes i.e. very hot ovens or cold water.

Use crystal products in microwaves, conventional ovens or in a freezer.

Allow a naked flame to come into contact with crystal.   

Stack one glass inside another.

Wash in a dishwasher.

The Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Collection brings innovation and passion together to create a must have for enthusiasts and experts alike. Three well-known experts in their own domain, Vaniitha Jaiin of The Perfect Pour, Dartington Crystal of UK and thinKitchen™, have come together in this unique collaboration to design, craft and present a top of the line exclusive glassware range. The collection, comprising two individual sets of whisky tasting glass and universal wine glass has been designed after a detailed study of glasses used around the world across various types, ages and styles.

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