Buy Glassware Online in India at thinKitchen 

thinKitchen offers a premium selection of high-quality glassware from globally acclaimed brands, available online in India. Upgrade your home bar with our stylish and durable glassware, perfect for any occasion. 

Discover Premium Glassware Set Collection Online for Your Home Bar 

Transform your home bar with thinKitchen exclusive range of premium glassware sets. Our cocktail glasses collection caters to all your beverage needs, combining sophistication and functionality for an unmatched drinking experience. 

Wine Glasses 

Wine glasses are crafted to improve the aroma, flavor, and overall experience of wine. We offer a red wine glasses & white wine glasses each designed to showcase the unique characteristics of different wines. 

Beer Glasses 

Beer glasses come in various shapes and sizes, like pilsner, pint, and beer mugs, to improve the flavor, aroma, and carbonation of different beers, ensuring every sip is enjoyable. 

Whiskey Glasses 

Whiskey glasses, such as tumblers and Glencairn glasses, are designed to highlight the complex flavors and aromas of whiskey, making each sip memorable. 

Champagne Glasses 

Champagne glasses, including flutes and coupes, preserve the bubbles and highlight the delicate flavors of sparkling wines, adding sophistication to any celebration. 

Shot Glasses 

Shot glasses are essential for serving spirits in small amounts. Perfect for tequila, vodka, or whiskey shots, these shot glasses are ideal for toasting and enjoying strong liquors. 

Burgundy Glasses 

Burgundy glasses feature a wide bowl that allows full-bodied red wines to breathe, highlighting their complex aromas and flavors. Burgundy Glasses are ideal for Pinot Noir and other delicate red wines. 

Crystal Glasses 

Crystal glasses are prized for their clarity and brilliance, adding a luxurious touch to any drink. They are available in various forms, from wine glasses to whiskey tumblers. 

Flute Glasses 

Flute glasses are tall and narrow, designed to keep the bubbles in sparkling wines and champagnes intact while concentrating their aromas. 

Gin Glasses 

Gin glasses, known as Copa de Balon glasses, have a wide bowl to highlight the botanical aromas of gin and tonic, allowing for plenty of ice and garnishes in your gin glasses

Highball Glasses 

Highball glasses are tall and straight, perfect for serving mixed drinks like gin and tonic, rum and coke, or whiskey and soda. 

Rum Glasses 

Rum glasses, such as snifters or rocks glasses, are designed to highlight the rich, complex flavors of aged rums. 

Best Glassware Brands in India 

At thinKitchen we sell premium glassware brands in India which includes Mikasa, Dartington, Barcraft, Final Touch, & many more. Discover our collection barware  for an enhanced drinking experience. 

Why Choose thinKitchen? 

Choose thinKitchen for a premium selection of stylish and durable glassware. Our products are sourced from globally acclaimed brands, ensuring top-notch quality for your home bar. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of glassware? 

Glassware is designed to improve the drinking experience by accentuating the flavors, aromas, and presentation of beverages. 

What are the different beverages you can serve in drinking glasses? 

Serve a variety of beverages, including wine, beer, whiskey, cocktails, champagne, water, and soft drinks. 

How do you keep drink glasses clean? 

Wash glasses with warm water and mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and air dry or use a lint-free cloth. 

How do we take care of glassware? 

Handle gently, avoid extreme temperatures, and store safely. Regular cleaning and proper storage of kitchen glassware maintains clarity and prevent damage. 

How to choose drinking glasses for a home bar? 

Choose based on the beverages you serve, considering shape, size, and material to improve the experience and complement your bar’s aesthetic.