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An award-winning Australian design company that creates incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets. These products solve problems and work better than anything else on the market. With high quality and a touch of magic, these ranges will surely amaze you. Dreamfarm is all set to transform the way you cook, one quirky gadget at a time.


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A big thanks to the 1,000s of Dreamfarm customers that have left reviews. We appreciate you!

Life changing!

These are amazing – will never use a regular pizza cutter again! They work on thin crust and hand tossed pizzas and don’t mess up the cheese or the toppings like pizza cutters do!

These are Great!

…because I am trying to be a bit neater when cooking. These work well, as they elevate the “used part” off of the counter/cutting board/stove, etc. They are silicon, so, very resistant to heat, meaning that they can be used with actual cooking processes, plus clean up very well in the dishwasher or in the sink. The additional “thing” that I like about them, is they add a “pop” of color to my kitchen when in use.

Best Purchase of MY Life!

I love this thing.

Incredible, everyday kitchen tool. No kidding.

I cannot say enough about how positive an impact my chopulas have had on my life. They are outrageously well-suited to my every day needs, using mostly non-stick pans. Neither of mine have melted, over almost two years — astonishing. Yes, I need to give them a bit of love with the scratchy side of a good sponge when cleaning — but because the tip has stayed perfectly flat and unburned, cleaning has not been a chore. I am able to cut all kinds of foods with the bottom edge, right in the pan: not just eggs, but asparagus, half-cooked veggies, lasagna, chicken pot pie. Because it’s off set, a flip of the wrist makes flipping things over really natural, as well. It’s far and away my most precious kitchen item (that’s why I have two), and I’ve given several more as gifts, with ringing endorsements. I know I must sound ridiculous, but I never leave reviews… and my chopulas have had a real, profound, positive effect on my life.

This is a great tool.

I use this all the time and so far it has held up perfectly.

Where has this been hiding?

I love this chopula! It is large and sturdy enough to chop sausage and ground beef in a pan or pot. It has a slight spoon to it for stirring, turning and folding. Easy to clean.

My new favorite kitchen tool

I love this spatula so much that I hand wash it regularly to use it. I’m the type that puts everything through the dishwasher. If it can’t go in the dishwasher, I won’t keep it. I’m constantly taking this out of the dirty dishes to hand wash it, so I can use it. I think I may need more than 1. I love that it can be used as a normal spatula, but has a slight scoop on one side. Love that it can hook on the pans or sit on the stove and not get the stove top messy. It’s a perfect size and I love it for folding my omlets.

Truly is all-purpose

Really cool, all-purpose turner, and it does cut/chop fairly soft food items as well. I also love that it’s firm enough to scrape (while not scratching) food residue from my non-stick cookware. My scrambled eggs/pancakes/grilled cheese sandwiches, etc., love it!