Anchor Hocking began in 1905 with a simple goal: to make the glass that homes really need. Anchor Hocking glassware showcases the genius of utility that stands the test of time. Based in Ohio, USA, the Anchor Hocking range of glass bakeware, drinkware, serveware, housewares, food storage items, mix & measure items, and pantry solutions are a hallmark of American craftsmanship, embodying a tradition of quality, durability and manufacturing in USA.

Made from tempered tough soda lime silicate glass (a modern improvement over borosilicate glass bakeware), Anchor Hocking glass is versatile, durable, safe and 100% recyclable. “Tempered-Tough”, is a process in which glassware is subjected to sustained heating followed by rapid cooling to enhance strength and increase durability. Anchor Hocking also manufactures in full compliance with the applicable industry standard set forth in Chapter 24 of The Cookware & Bakeware Alliance Engineering Standards for Cookware and Bakeware.

Organizing a pantry is especially tough. Achieving pantry ideals comes down to products that protect while displaying foods, and shapes that organize while optimizing space. Anchor Hocking has over 100 years’ experience ensuring homes can fit, stack, view, or seal any dry products you may have.

Anchor Hocking believes that utility can be smart and beautiful. Style can still have function. Innovative is also durable. It believes in being the first to arrive and the last to leave, helping you prep, bake, serve, and clean up with style and without a fuss.