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KITCHEN STORAGE Kitchen storage is an essential aspect of any house. It aids in keeping the kitchen organized and free from clutter, making it easier to find and access essential items. Proper storage plans can also help to extend food's shelf life and avert wastage. Plus, a clutter-free kitchen allows you to cook fast. So, if you are someone who is always on the go, keeping your kitchen organised with well-thought kitchen storage is critical. With ample storage space, you can store all your cooking tools, appliances, and ingredients, resulting in more efficient and enjoyable meal prep. In addition, a well-organized kitchen can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the home and increase its value. Modern times call for modern solutions. Gone are the days when you had to stuff everything in bulky steel containers and store them in the attic.For those aspiring to create modern kitchen storage space, thinKitchen is your answer. Times are changing, and we’re helping you stay on top of industry trends. At thinKitchen, you will find some of the top kitchen storage brands and their unique solutions. From food storage to crockery storage for the kitchen, we’ve got you covered on every front. We understand that you seek beyond the ordinary, and that’s why most kitchen storage products you find on thinKitchen would have multi-utility and a unique feature which is hard to find elsewhere. Speaking of kitchen storage range available at thinKitchen, we offer these types of storage for the kitchen. 1. Water bottles:   Having water bottles in the house is critical. Whether you enjoy cold water during summer or your guests prefer cold water, you are ready. Water bottles also help in storing liquids effortlessly. For households that make juices, milkshakes, or such beverages often, having a water bottle is mandatory. 2. Canisters and Jars: Investing in canisters and jars for kitchen storage is a wise decision for several reasons. Firstly, they are an excellent way to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. By using canisters and jars, you can easily store dry items like rice, flour, sugar, and other essentials in a neat and handy manner. Secondly, they help keep your food fresh for longer. Canisters and jars are air-tight, which prevents moisture and bacteria from entering and spoiling your food. Lastly, they are environmentally friendly as they are reusable and lessen the need for disposable packaging. You can find canisters and jars of various sizes and materials at thinKitchen. 3. Large food containers: Having food storage containers is a great way to keep your kitchen systematised and efficient. With food storage containers, you can easily segregate different types of food, such as vegetables, fruits, and proteins, and keep them in specified areas of your pantry or fridge. Additionally, having food storage containers with clear lids or labels can help you quickly identify what's inside, making meal prep and planning a breeze. Lastly, your kitchen storage will look sophisticated and organised with food storage containers. Now that we’ve discussed the different types of kitchen storage options, let’s shed some light on the different materials used for making them. 4. Plastic food pouches: Food pouches come in handy for compact kitchens. If you don’t have a lot of storage or can’t use glass food storage, then plastic food pouches are ideal for you. Zoku plastic food storage pouches are ideal for kitchen use as well as travel journeys. 5. Lunch pot storage: When it comes to storing liquids such as soups, juices, and so on, you will need something more leak-proof. Lunch pot food storage is designed to be on the go, and hence is leakproof. BergHOFF offers some of the best lunch pot storage items. In fact, they have even won accolades for their design innovations. In fact, the BergHOFF Leo Dual Lunch pot storage has dual storage options, one for juice and other for snacks. So, no more fear of soggy meals or snacks! This also works as a space-saving option for home storage. 6. Window food storage: Very often you tend to miss the food because it’s not stored in a transparent box. But with window food storage, you won't miss a thing. Window food storage makes finding things as simple as ABC. Brabantia is the best brand that offers quality window food storage.  Materials used for kitchen storage: 1. Stainless steel: Stainless steel kitchen storage jars and containers are an excellent choice for those who are looking for durable and long-lasting storage solutions. While buying you must ensure, the stainless steel grade is 18/8 or 18/10 as they are best suited for kitchen storage usage. Steel jars are resistant to rust, corrosion, and taint, so you can store food and other kitchen essentials effortlessly. Most steel jars are also easy to clean and maintain, and their non-porous surface ensures that they do not harbour bacteria or food odours. Stainless steel kitchen storage is not for you if you want to put together a modern and contemporary kitchen storage look. Plus, the other downside is not being able to see what’s inside the container without opening it. So, you might need labels for the steel containers.  2. Glass: If you want your storage for the kitchen to scream elegance, glass canisters and containers are apt for you. Most glass storage containers you find on thinKitchen have a non-slip base, making it safe for every type of kitchen. They are transparent and thus convenient for use. Some brands like Joseph Joseph offer stackable glass container set for easy usage. 3. Plastic: Many people are apprehensive about using plastic containers, but let’s address that concern right here. As long as the plastic used for making the food storage container is BPA-free and certified for use, you need not worry. Using plastic storage for the kitchen won’t cause any harm if you get storage containers from the top brands globally. Plastic containers are lightweight, easy to maintain, stackable, durable, and so on. You will find a host of plastic storage containers for kitchens across sizes on thinKitchen. From Brabantia, Joseph Joseph, Cole & Mason, Kambukka, to Kilner and Tyhoon, thinKitchen brings several international premium brands to your fingertips. You will discover food storage for the kitchen in every budget, but it’s pivotal to select quality over cost. Companies such as Joseph Joseph are premium award-winning labels that design ingenious and stylish kitchenware. They aim to make your lives simpler and more sophisticated. Thus, the material used is premium. You can rely on premium kitchen storage and not worry about the kitchen for years. We believe it’s an investment which has great ROI. When you touch and feel the material, you will know why it’s worth the price. Explore premium storage for kitchen at thinKitchen now.  Frequently Asked Questions 1. What are the different types of kitchen/food storage containers available? You name it, and we have it. From tall glass jars to plastic canisters, thinKitchen offers a range of food storage containers. In fact, you will also find chic under-shelf storage containers and other such compact, space-saving storage products by Joseph Joseph. 2. What type of food storage containers are best for keeping food fresh for a longer period of time? Any food storage container that has an air-tight lid would be ideal. Choose storage for the kitchen that has tight-fitting lids as it would keep moisture at bay. It would also prevent the food from getting dehydrated or soiled. You may choose from Brabantia glass jars for keeping food fresh for a longer period. 3. What are some good ways to maximize kitchen cabinet space? By using smart storage for your kitchen which is available at thinKitchen. You can use stackable jars to fully utilise the vertical space and to create a clutter-free kitchen storage space. You could also invest in Joseph Joseph under shelf storage or maximize space. Find smart, space-saving storage options now. 4. What is the best material for food storage containers, and why? BPA-free plastic, stainless steel, and plastic are considered to be good materials for food storage containers. You can choose the one depending on your need and kitchen style. If you have kids at home, we recommend staying away from glass jars. 5. Can all storage containers be used in the microwave and dishwasher? Not all storage containers are microwave safe. Stainless steel containers are not to be used in the microwave. However, some plastic and glass containers can be. For more details, refer to the individual product’s use and care instructions. Read the instructions carefully before buying storage for your kitchen to avoid disappointment later. 6. Are there different sizes of food storage available? Yes, thinKitchen offers many different sizes of food storage options. From 100 ml glass jars to 1000 ml plastic food storage containers, you will get exactly what you are looking for. With many sizes and international brands, you will be left spoilt for choice. 7. Are the kitchen containers BPA-free? Yes, most plastic kitchen containers available at thinKitchen are BPA-free. You can find more information about the plastic-type in the description of every product. We strive to bring to you storage for kitchen that’s safe yet stylish. 8. How do I properly clean storage containers to avoid contamination? To properly clean storage containers and avoid contamination, start by using hot, soapy water and a scrub brush or sponge to clear any residue. Rinse the container thoroughly with hot water or cold water and allow it to air dry thoroughly before using it again. Every fortnight, you could sanitize the jar or storage container with a cloth/wet wipe. 9. What is the lifespan of storage containers and when should they be replaced? As for the lifespan of storage containers, it can vary depending on the material and frequency of use. BPA-free plastic containers may last for two to three years, while glass or stainless-steel kitchen containers can last considerably longer. It is important to look out for any indications of wear or damage, such as cracks or discolouration, and replace the container as needed to ensure safe food storage. 10. How to properly clean and maintain storage containers? The care and maintenance of every storage container would differ, depending on the type of material, size, shape, and so on. By following the care instructions mentioned for each product. If you clean and maintain the kitchen storage products regularly, they will look just as new always. 11. What are some of the most popular brands in kitchen storage? Joseph Joseph, Brabantia, Typhoon, MasterClass, and Kilner are some of the most popular brands in the kitchen storage segment. You can find all these brands at thinKitchen. It’s your one-stop destination for branded storage for your kitchen. 12. Can kitchen storage be stackable or nesting for space-saving storage? Kitchen storage can be a real challenge, especially in smaller spaces. But you could pile the containers on top of each other, leading to efficient use of the kitchen storage space. Additionally, you can also nest the containers inside each other when not in use, further reducing the amount of space they take up. For nesting, you can rely on stainless steel or plastic storage containers. For stacking, glass containers or plastic containers are ideal. 13. What is the average capacity of a travel tumbler? Speaking of travel tumblers, the average capacity is around 500 ml. This is a convenient size for those who are on the go and need to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can find several 500 ml to 750 ml travel tumblers on thinKitchen from one of the top brands – Zoku. 14. What are the best-selling products in storage? The best-selling products in the storage segment include Kilner Clip Top Square Jar, BergHOFF Leo Glass Food containers, Zoku stainless steel food jars, Brabantia square stackable food containers, and Typhoon Otto tea storage, amongst others. Explore our storage best-sellers now.



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