Kilner Ceramic Push Top Morning Mist Storage Jar, 600ml

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PUSH TOP JAR | The Kilner® Ceramic Push Top Morning Mist Storage Jar is made from high quality fine stoneware secured with a sturdy, push on lid. A silicone seal ensures the dry food content is kept fresher for longer.
MORNING MIST | The trendy, grey glaze colour adds a splash of sophisticated style to any contemporary kitchen.
SIZE | With a capacity of 600 ml, this jar is perfect for storing coffee, teas, sugar and biscuits

Length - 9.8cm, Width - 9.8cm, Height -15.5cm
Product weight - 610g

Handwash only 
Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles 
Wash before first use


In 1842, John Kilner founded the Kilner® Glassworks, a bastion of excellence in food preservation and storage. Kilner® quickly gained global recognition, winning prestigious awards in Paris, Philadelphia, Sydney, and Melbourne. In 1900, the iconic Kilner® Jar was introduced, featuring a patented vacuum seal system that revolutionised preservation methods. Kilner® constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its loyal customers.

Today, Kilner® is synonymous with ingenuity, offering simple solutions for food preparation, storage, and on-the-go eating. With over 175 years of experience, Kilner® continues to be cherished by households worldwide, preserving flavours and traditions with ease. Its enduring commitment to craftsmanship and innovative twists on conventional products have made Kilner® an indispensable companion in kitchens across the globe.

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