KitchenCraft Cast Iron Square Grill Pan, 23cm

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Bring the char and charm of the grill house to your own home with this square cast iron grill pan. Suitable for use in any type of oven (except microwaves) and on any hob – including induction – this heavy-duty pan is a must for any kitchen.Why cook with cast iron? This super-sturdy metal gets blazingly hot! Lay your meat or veg in the pan, and the hot ribbed base will leave a stripy seared look for a restaurant-style finish. Perfect for searing steaks, frying fish and chargrilling chicken and vegetables, the ribbed base also works to lift meat away from any juices and oils adding a healthier touch to your meal. By seasoning the pan and then pre-heating it each time it is used, you’ll create a natural non-stick surface so you can cook your favourite foods fast, without having to add any extra oil.Steak night never looked and tasted so good!

• HEALTHY SEARED FOOD: this griddle pan cooks barbecue-style meat and veg without loads of oil
• DRAINS AWAY FAT: the ribbed base drains fat while creating a mouthwatering chargrilled effect
• STURDY CAST IRON: this heavyweight pan gets sizzlingly hot, and develops non-stick properties with use
• INDUCTION SAFE: use it on hobs (including induction), in ovens, under grills, or on barbecues

Net Qty : 1
Pack Include : 1 x frying pan
Material : Cast Iron
Colour : Assorted

Length : 37cm,Width : 25cm,Height : 4.5cm
Handwash Only


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