15 Cooking Tips That Will Make You a Better Cook

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Cooking is an art form that engages the senses, allows for self-expression, and brings people together through the shared experience of enjoying a well-crafted meal. It is this blend of creativity, skill, and personal touch that elevates cooking to the status of an art.  Everyone can cook, but only few can become chefs. It takes a lot to master the art of cooking. Are you ready to become a better chef? These 16 awesome cooking tips and tricks are here to help. Whether you're new to the kitchen or a cooking pro, these simple hacks will make your food taste amazing. Let's jump in and make your cooking skills shine!

1. Using kitchen gadgets wisely:

Given the Indian cooking context, where spices play a starring role, using kitchen gadgets wisely is key. Optimize your spice grinder for small batches to retain flavour integrity and maintain the purity of individual spices. A pro cooking tip for you: Efficiently clean gadgets like masala grinders to prevent cross-contamination of aromas.

2. Preventing food from sticking:

Enhance your cooking experience with a crucial cooking tip – prevent food from sticking to your pans. In Indian kitchens, where sautéing and frying are common, ensure your pan is sufficiently heated before adding oil. For ingredients prone to sticking, such as paneer, create a protective layer by marinating them with a pinch of cornflour.

3. Cutting vegetables safely:

As you start the journey of chopping a multitude of vegetables, prioritize safety. That’s the most important cooking tip you should learn. A sharp knife, a secure cutting board, and proper cutting techniques are essential for both efficiency and safety in Indian kitchens.

4. Keeping your foods fresh:

Preserving the freshness of Indian spices and ingredients is vital. Employ airtight containers for spices, shielded from direct sunlight, and extend this practice to grains and lentils for lasting freshness and optimal flavour in your dishes.

5. Properly washing your kitchen utensils:

Maintain the hygiene of your kitchen utensils, from masala dabba to tawas. Thoroughly clean them with warm water, mild detergent, and diligent scrubbing to ensure each utensil is ready for its role in creating flavourful masterpieces.

6. Sharpening your knife regularly:

In the heart of Indian kitchens, where spices dance on your cutting board, a sharp knife is your best ally. A cooking trick that pro chefs follow includes regularly sharpening your knives to effortlessly navigate through various spices and vegetables.

7. Keeping baked goods fresh:

For the delightful Indian baked goods like naan or stuffed parathas, store them in airtight containers to retain moisture and prevent them from drying out. This simple cooking tip ensures each bite is as fresh as the first.

8. Preparing salads in advance:

In the vibrant world of Indian salads, bursting with flavours, the cooking trick is to prepare in advance. Keep the dressing separate until just before serving to maintain the crispness of your fresh ingredients. Also, don’t forget to experiment with the dressing to make your meal enjoyable.

9. Shaping pizza dough:

In an Indian kitchen that celebrates fusion, experiment with pizza toppings inspired by local flavours. Shape your pizza dough evenly for a balanced and flavourful crust. You can also consider using multi-flour dough for your pizza.

10. Maintaining your chopping boards:

Preserve the life of your wooden chopping boards by regularly applying food-grade mineral oil. This simple maintenance cooking trick prevents warping and ensures a hygienic cooking surface.

Additional Cooking Tips:

1. How to freeze herbs:

Freeze them in ice cube trays with water or oil and capture the freshness of Indian herbs like coriander and mint. These herb-infused cubes add bursts of flavour to your dishes, ensuring you have a taste of freshness in every bite.

2. How to freeze dough:

Let the dough rise first, then shape the dough and freeze it on a baking sheet. Once it gets solid wrap it tightly in a plastic wrap and a freezer bag.

3. How to cool baking sheet:

Rest it on a wire rack for passive cooling, or run cooling water over the bottom (avoiding the top) for a faster option. Parchment paper will also help in cooling it. This cooking trick ensures a smooth transition and preserves the delicate texture of your culinary creations.

4. How to hold a chopping board:

Secure your chopping board in the kitchen by placing a damp cloth underneath. This cooking trick prevents slipping, providing a stable surface for chopping a myriad of ingredients.

5.How to cut your cookies:

For precisely shaped cookies, use cookie cutters and dip them in flour to prevent sticking. It’s worth the investment as it largely impacts how appetising the cookies look. This straightforward cooking trick ensures uniformity in your delightful treats.

In the context of Indian cooking, where the kitchen is a canvas for rich spices and diverse flavours, these cooking tips and tricks are invaluable. Home-cooked meals hold significant cultural importance, with a large portion of the population preparing daily meals. Whether you’ve just moved out of your home or moved into a new city, these tips will help you to a great extent.

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