7 Summer Cooking Activities to Do With Kids

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After all the hard work, most kids get a break in the summers. It’s their time for them to play without any worries. Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and making memories with loved ones. It’s also an opportunity for parents to connect with their children. In today’s busy lifestyle, parents and kids don’t get enough time. Summertime is the chance to teach your kids what you’ve learnt from your parents, pass on some traditions, learn their desires, and so on. One way to interact with your kid and make lasting memories with them is through cooking. Cooking with kids not only provides quality time together but also teaches valuable skills and encourages creativity. Summer offers a plethora of fresh produce and ingredients that can be used to create delicious and healthy meals. In this blog, we will explore 7 summer cooking activities that can be enjoyed with kids, ranging from baking to creating frozen desserts. Get ready to have fun in the kitchen and create tasty treats that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

1. Popsicles:

Is it even summer if there are no popsicles? And is there any kid who doesn’t enjoy eating popsicles? Well, we certainly don’t know of anyone. But for parents, it’s their worst nightmare to feed their kids with sugar-loaded packed popsicles. We are here to take care of your worries. If your kid enjoys eating popsicles, you should invest in pop molds and make them at home, the healthy way. Yes, you read that right. A pop mold is an easy tool that can help you make popsicles of any flavour without any hassle. Experiment with flavours and let your child enjoy the popsicle without any guilt. The Zoku pop molds come in a variety of shapes ranging from unicorn to owl and more. Zoku by thinKitchen is an exceptional brand that creates innovative products for your home. The Zoku pop molds are made with silicone and are absolutely safe for everyone. So, which Zoku pop mold are you going to choose?

2. Cupcakes:

Kids go gaga over cupcakes. They’re cute, handy, and tasty. Instead of buying cupcakes from outside, you could bake them at home with your little one. This way, you can bake a healthier version of cupcakes, keep your child busy, and create new memories with them. Baking is no rocket science, if you have the right tools, you could be a master baker. To bake anything at home, you’d need a baking set. The best baking set would include a spatula, baking tray, mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons, whisk, cupcake mold, baking dish and so on. You can get a bunch of baking sets on thinKitchen. You can choose the best one that fits your requirement and budget. Most brands available at thinKitchen have won awards for their innovative design and quality. Some of the brands you must check out in the baking set section include Jamie Oliver, Brabantia, MasterClass, KitchenCraft, The Kitchen Company, and so on.

3. Slushies:

The best way to beat the summer heat is with some slushies. Slush makers are like magic. It takes 7 to 10 minutes to convert anything into a slushie. Try it to know it. The Zoku slush makers are the best in the market so far. They give you the best slushies and can be used by kids as well. You could use the Zoku slush maker as an ice cream maker as well.

4. Salad:

There’s no bigger achievement than teaching your kid to eat healthy and clean since childhood. Salads can become as interesting as you make them to be. Make a salad with your child, while teaching them the importance of eating veggies. The best part is that you don’t need extra frills. Just a basic salad bowl and the server would suffice. You can find a bunch of salad recipes online, just make sure you select what your kid enjoys the most. To get your hands on the best salad bowl and server, head to thinKitchen now.

5. Smoothie:

Give your child plain milk and give you a hundred excuses for not having it. On the other hand, give them a smoothie and watch them lick the glass clean! Smoothies are healthy and filling. And most importantly, easy to make. You and your little one could spend some time and make a smoothie from scratch. If you ask us, we’d say a mango smoothie is a no-brainer. You can experiment by adding bananas, chia seeds, and dry fruits for an added flavour. You can use storage jars to store the smoothie and have it through the day.

6. Ice cubes:

If you want your child to learn basic household duties, start by giving him something fun to do. Something as simple as making ice would do wonders. Get interesting-shaped silicone ice trays and tell them to make ice using that. Doing this regularly would make chores seem fun to them.

7. Sandwiches:

Planning a picnic? There’s no better snack than sandwiches. You can teach your kid to make sandwiches and pack them in storage food containers. This way they wouldn’t fuss over eating a sandwich and also feel like they’ve done their bit for the picnic. You can cute storage food containers on thinKitchen. We recommend the Zoku 7-pc neat stack storage food containers.

These are the top 7 summer cooking activities you could do with your little one. Summer vacation is their time to relax, party, and have fun. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re not bored through their vacation. Use these activities to keep them engaged and charged. A good summer vacation would lead to a great academic year. If you are looking for any tools to help with these summer activities, check out thinKitchen. It’s your one-stop solution for kitchenware, storage, bakeware, and more. They offer some of the best global brands that create innovative products. Get modern cooking tools that are designed for the modern Indians.

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