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Baking is an art and a science. It requires a certain level of precision and creativity to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, texture, and presentation. In India, home baking is finally picking pace. People across walks of life are taking an interest in baking. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned baker, there's always something new to learn and explore in the world of baking. One of the key elements to baking success is having the right equipment and tools at your disposal. From measuring cups and spoons, silicone spatulas, to mixers and ovens, each piece of equipment plays a crucial role in the baking process. In this blog, we'll delve into everything you need to know about baking and baking tools at home. So, grab your apron and let's get started on this delicious journey!

First, let’s understand how baking has become a part of modern Indian culture. Earlier, only a handful of specialists were into baking but now, most modern households have an oven along with access to information. This equips them to try their hand at baking. Some of the most common reasons for this boom include increased awareness, changing lifestyles, influence from the West, increased disposable income, rising standard of living, and so on.

In fact, we’ve seen Indians transform their passion for baking into a profession. There has also been a surge in the number of bakers and related entrepreneurs.

The fact of the matter is that baking is simple, as long as you follow the recipe, have the right baking essentials, and know the science. We’ll now take you through some of the baking essentials you need at home before you start along with some tips that will strengthen your game:

1. Baking pan:

Baking pans come in various shapes and sizes and are an essential tool in the baking process. The type of pan you use can affect the outcome of your baked goods. For example, a dark-coloured pan absorbs more heat and can make the edges of your baked goods crispy. Alternatively, a light-coloured pan reflects heat and can make your baked goods cook more evenly. Some common types of baking pans include muffin tins, loaf pans, cake pans, and sheet pans. Choosing the right baking pan brand for your recipe is also crucial to achieving the desired results. Opt for a baking pan company like MasterClass who specialises in this and has won accolades for their innovation. It’s a luxurious bakeware brand that doesn’t compromise on quality; thus, gives the perfect result each time.

The right pan also helps to distribute heat evenly, ensuring that your baked goods cook evenly. Greasing the pan well is the key to getting the perfect result.

2. Silicone baking mat:

Using a silicone baking mat is a great way to improve your baking game as it offers several advantages over using parchment paper or greasing the baking sheet. Firstly, silicone mats are reusable and eco-friendly, saving you money and reducing waste. They also provide a non-stick surface for your baked goods, making them easy to remove and reducing the chances of burning or sticking. When buying a silicone baking mat, look for one that is food-grade and heat-resistant to at least 450°F. A mat that fits snugly in your baking sheet and is easy to clean is also a plus. Another use of a baking mat is to roll the dough and to ensure you get the right size every time. We recommend KitchenCraft Non-Stick Pastry Mat and the Joseph Joseph Rollup Baking Mat. The Joseph Joseph rollup baking mat can be rolled up and stored effortlessly at home. A pro tip: always use room temperate ingredients. If the ingredients are cold, the batter could become more dense than required.

3. Loaf pan:

A loaf pan is a type of baking pan used to make bread and other baked goods in the shape of a rectangular loaf. Loaf pans come in various sizes and materials, including aluminium, ceramic, and glass. Using a loaf pan for baking enables the bread or cake to cook evenly and maintain its shape. Additionally, loaf pans are ideal for making quick bread, pound cake, and meatloaf. KitchenCraft has some of the best loaf pans which are used by experts.

4. Cupcake tray:

Using a cupcake tray for baking is an excellent choice for making individual-sized portions of baked goods such as cupcakes, muffins, and mini quiches. The tray ensures even baking and produces perfectly uniform-sized portions, making it a great choice for parties and gatherings. It’s the perfect exclusive brand for home bakers. You can find a range of baking trays by Zyliss and MasterClass at thinKitchen.

5. Measuring cups and spoons:

Baking is all about the right measurements. The science of proportions is something that you may not understand but must follow. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, you will need measuring cups and spoons while baking. It’s best to invest in a measuring cup set as it will help in the kitchen overall. Some of the exclusive options of measuring cups and spoons available at thinKitchen are from renowned brands such as KitchenCraft, Joseph Joseph, Masterclass, and so on. Most of them are stackable and hence, can be stored easily in every kitchen. You can choose from silicon or stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, depending on your preference.

No matter what you bake, you will need a baking silicone spatula. Make sure it’s sturdy and of good quality. Use the spatula to mix your dough, but make sure to not overdo it as it could spoil the dish. And before you go for frosting or any kind of icing, wait until the baked dish is completely cooled off. This will prevent your icing or frosting from melting. The best place to shop for all baking essentials has to be thinKitchen. It’s your one-stop solution for everything related to bakeware and kitchenware. Get started now.

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