Easy Cocktail Recipes for your Diwali bash

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Recipe : Scarlet Lady  


Watermelon Balls – 3 to 4 pieces

Lime Juice – 30 ml

Cranberry / Watermelon Juice – 30 ml

Gin – 45 ml


Add 3 - 4 ice cubes, 3 - 4 Watermelon balls, Lime juice, Cranberry / Watermelon juice and Gin into a shaker and mix it well.

Pour the drink into a Red Wine Glass.

Garnish it with 3 watermelons balls in the wine glass

    Recipe : Twisted Whiskey Sour 


    Lime Juice – 15 ml

    Egg White – 1

    Sugar Syrup – 10 ml

    Apple Juice – 45 ml

    Whiskey – 45 ml


    Add 3 – 4 ice cubes from the ice bucket , lime juice, apple juice, lime juice, egg white, sugar syrup and whiskey in a shaker and mix it well

    Pour the drink through a sieve into Royal Brierley Tall Braemer Tumbler

    Garnish it with a burnt slice of orange



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