Easy Eco-friendly Swaps for Waste-Free Lunch Packing

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Eco-Friendly Swaps

Many people find it difficult to pack lunches every day, and it can be simple to rely on pre-packaged food. Pre-packaged foods generally come in single-use plastic bags, which have negative environmental effects. These foods range from packs of chips to nutritious snack bars. Single-use packaging wastes the resources that go into producing them. Additionally, certain single-use plastic products won't ever totally break down or disintegrate. Therefore, protecting the environment is not only admirable but also necessary.

Eco-friendly lunch idea might sound like a daunting task, but the additional hard work can go a long way and much easier than you would think!

There are plenty effortless eco-friendly products we can use to reduce our personal role in the problem and our ideas will help you take baby steps toward packing a zero-waste lunch from home.

Reusable Bottle

Reusable water bottles
Bringing a reusable water bottle with you is one of the best and the easiest investments you can make to reduce your waste and start your waste-free lunch journey. Refilling water bottles is not only a cost-effective solution than constantly purchasing single-use water bottles but our vacuum-insulated stainless-steel water bottles will help keep your drink cold or hot for hours.

 Travel cutlery

Travel Cutlery Set
This might sound bizarre, but carrying your own fork, spoon, will eliminate the need to use plastic cutlery. There’s nothing quite like eating a meal with metal utensils. Not only does it provide you with a durable alternative for disposable cutlery, but they also just seem to make food taste better! Our travel cutlery set are designed to replace single use plastic for good! The complete fork, spoon, knife set is made to fit in a pocket, purse, backpack or lunchbox. No sink? No problem, just put the soiled utensils back in the case and clean when you get home.

 Reusable food container

Food Jars and Food Containers
Switch to reusable food containers and food jars when packing up sandwiches, snacks or a hearty soup. This swap not only helps keep meals from getting crushed in your backpack or bag, if you use a vacuum-insulated design  you can be sure your meal is piping hot at lunchtime.

Metal straw

Metal Straws
We all want to enjoy our coffee or cold beverages without getting it all over our upper lip, which is why we use straws. Plastic straws may appear insignificant, but if you want to start packing waste-free lunches, one of the first things to go should be plastic straws.

The best kind of eco-friendly reusable straws are metal ones. Metal straws are an excellent choice because they do not crumple or become soggy like paper straws. For added convenience, we recommend metal straws that include a hygienic travel case, such as our Pocket Straws.

Reusable tumbler

Reusable Tumbler
Reusable tumblers, in addition to reducing plastic waste, are likely to keep your preferred beverage hot or cold for hours. If you're running late and haven't yet had your morning coffee. Need to dash out the door with only half a drink? A reusable tumbler is extremely helpful in situations like this.

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