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Ceramics have an undeniable charm. Whether you see it on social media, in your kitchen, or in someone’s gallery as planters, there’s a feeling of awe, isn’t it?

Ceramic material is a type of material that has been used in many ways, since ancient times. It's often made from clay or other natural materials like sand, feldspar, and kaolin.  In part, this charm comes from the unique properties of the material itself. There’s some science behind the awe. Ceramics is special because of the remarkable properties that make it a popular choice in a wide range of applications. It is not only strong and durable, but it's also heat-resistant and non-corrosive. That’s why, ceramic dinnerware is extremely popular. And the trend is coming back. But before we get to the charm of ceramic dinnerware, let’s quickly understand how ceramic products are made.

The process of making ceramic involves shaping the raw materials into the desired form, drying them, and then firing them at high temperatures. This process creates a hardened material that can be glazed and decorated in a variety of ways. The variations in colour, texture and pattern that can be achieved with ceramics are virtually endless, and the possibilities for creative expression are limitless. Ceramics are a result of the perfect amalgamation of science and creativity.

When it comes to dinnerware and serveware, there is something charming and irresistible about ceramics. From the rustic appeal of handmade pottery to the sleek and modern designs of contemporary ceramic sets, this material has a timeless appeal that never fails to capture our attention. Ceramics has several benefits that make it a go-to choice for many home chefs and kitchen enthusiasts. At thinKitchen, you will find a range of ceramic serveware and dinnerware from the top global kitchenware brands. We take pride in bringing you global aesthetic designs with innovative functionality. Currently, we have over 50 international brands spread across categories.

And in today’s blog, we’ll discover all the benefits of using ceramic dinnerware and serveware.

1. Warmth and authenticity

Ceramics have a warmth and authenticity that is hard to find in other materials. To experience the difference, use a ceramic serving platter alongside any other non-ceramic serving platter and observe how your guests react differently. Although minute, there surely will be some noteworthy differences. Whether you are serving a stylish dinner party or simply enjoying a cosy meal at home with family and friends, there is something special about the feel and look of ceramics that invites us to slow down and savour the moment. Some of the best luxury ceramic dinnerware can be found at thinKitchen. 

2. Durable:

When it comes to dinnerware or serveware, the durability and versatility of ceramics make it the perfect choice for everyday use. Ceramic dinnerware such as ceramic plates, ceramic bowls and ceramic teapots are resistant to scratches and chips, making it a long-lasting investment for any kitchen. Whether you are serving a quick breakfast, a family dinner, or entertaining guests, ceramic plates, ceramic bowls and ceramic teapots & cups will hold up beautifully and add a touch of style and charm to any meal. In fact, Denby ceramic serving platters and ceramic drinkware are amongst the most popular sub-categories in the ceramic world.

To give you an idea, Denby has been in the business of handcrafting ceramic dinnerware, and they take pride in their ceramic poetry. From classic designs that feature spirited patterns and rich colours, to sleek and modern sets that are all about clean lines and minimalism, there is a Denby ceramic set that will perfectly match your personal style and taste.

3. Aesthetic serveware:

Your dish is as good as you serve it. In addition to dinnerware, ceramics also make excellent serveware options. Ceramic serving platters, ceramic bowls, and other serving pieces add a touch of elegance to any table or buffet while being durable and functional at the same time. Plus, when it comes to entertaining, nothing beats the visual appeal and aesthetic of a well-laid-out table that includes ceramics as part of the decor. Some of the best options available on thinKitchen include KitchenCraft Colourful Folk Pattern Ceramic bowls, Mikasa Serenity Pink Ceramic bowl, London Pottery Cobblestone Ceramic teapot, and Denby Natural Denim Dinner Plates.

4. Safe for consumption:

Ceramic is non-reactive, meaning it won't leach any harmful chemicals into your food. It is also non-stick and easy to clean, making it a convenient choice for everyday cooking and baking needs. Overall, there's no doubt that ceramic is a top choice for those seeking high-quality kitchenware that will stand the test of time.

5. Multi-use:

Ceramic bowls can be used in more ways than one. A ceramic serving bowl can also be used as a planter or a decorative item at the dining table. Be as creative as the design of ceramic pots as well. Some ceramic bowls such as the ones from KitchenCraft are also microwave-safe. Established in 1850, KitchenCraft is one of the finest kitchenware brands in the UK. 

In conclusion, the charm of ceramics in kitchenware is undeniable. From the warmth and authenticity of the material itself to the endless design possibilities, ceramics are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a touch of style and functionality in their kitchen decor. Whether you are entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet meal at home, the versatility and charm of ceramics are sure to delight and inspire you. To explore the whole range of luxury ceramic dinnerware, head to thinKitchen now.

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