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Even though it’s the smallest room in your house, the bathroom is a space where clutter builds up faster than any other room as it’s the most used room in your home. If you take a little time into planning and following these basic maintenance tips you can easily achieve a clutter-free bathroom space.

Begin your organisation journey by throwing away products and items you don’t use. Start with getting rid of stuff that you haven’t used in a while if you haven’t used the lotion/shampoo/facemask for over a year you likely to never use.

The cardinal rule of ‘one’ becomes very important here never have too much of one product. One shampoo, one shower gel etc, do not buy replacement unless you used the product you already have. In case you prefer bulk buying than avoid storing all the bottles of the same products in the cabinet or under the sink in your bathroom. Collect all your duplicates and place it in a storage box and place the box elsewhere in the house.

Next analyse the items that you are left with ask yourself if you need all the stuff, once you have pared down all your stuff look at what your use every day and keep just those items in your bathroom.

Invest in Bathroom Organisers:
After decluttering your space look at your stuff and evaluate if you need any organizers or storage products for the items that you are keeping. Look for organisers that that fit the space and your items.

Invest in drawer organisers that come in different sizes, which can be fit together which allows you to arrange them in any order to fit your drawer space. Drawer organisers from Joseph Joseph are just the perfect solution to this.

Maximise Cabinet Spaces:
Cabinet spaces are extremely underutilised and with the right kind of storage products this space can be maximised to accommodate all your items regardless of their shape and size. For example: The smart storage shelf from Joseph Joseph with its wire legs that fold out and lock into place helps creating a stable platform for storing bottles / jars and with space underneath for more items. A rotating organiser or lazy Susan is perfect to maximise space in for deep or hard-to-reach shelves.

Clutter-Free Surfaces:
Sparse countertops and sinks are the biggest and most important step towards achieving an organised bathroom. Whatever you use most should be the most accessible and everything else can be tucked away under the sink or drawer in storage boxes. If you have open cabinets get matching storage boxes to put all your stuff. Choose a bathroom caddy that will let you organise and help you get a clutter-free countertop while storing the wide variety of your oral and grooming essentials such as scissors, brushes, deodorants, dental floss etc. Use less decorative items on the countertops and simply place a vase or a candle along with your caddy.

Once you have followed the advice maintain your organised bathroom is equally important. Make it into a habit rather than a huge cleaning project. Set aside an hour once a month or once every two months to declutter all your cabinets and drawers and you are sure to have your bathroom look, and stay, clean.

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