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While we all celebrate Mother’s Day with well-deserved enthusiasm, our celebrations for Father’s Day, are usually muted, perhaps assuming that men don’t care much about fuss, gifts and surprises. But of course, that’s not the case at all. Every father deserves special love and attention for being the man who cares and nurtures his loved ones in his own special way.

Father’s Day is meant to shine the spotlight on dads who are usually the silent supports to their family. It is the perfect occasion to pamper dads with gifts from the curated selection of premium, international barware, drinkware and more.  

So, this Father’s Day flaunt your love for your dad and make him feel special.

Dartington Dimple Old Fashioned Whisky Glass, Set of 2

It goes without saying most dad’s love their whisky. If your dad is a whisky connoisseur, Dartington’s Dimple Double Old-Fashioned Whisky Glass Set is the perfect gift. This beautifully designed glass is slightly larger than standard glass tumblers and is ideal for releasing the flavours of any malt whiskies. 

La Cafetière Stainless Steel Monaco Cafetiere Coffee maker

If your father is a coffee lover, this is the ideal gift for him. A luxuriously modern French press and beautifully crafted in a cool grey frame with a sleek enamel effect, this piece blends your coffee to perfection. This coffee maker brings authentic café culture to the home. The Monaco cafetiere is designed to slow down modern life and allow coffee lovers to take the time out to thoroughly enjoy renewing coffee rituals. A perfect gift to ensure that dad takes it easy at times.

Royal Brierley Harris Tall Spirit Decanter Clear

Ideal for serving wine and spirits, this tall and elegant Royal Brierley Kilda Decanter is a premium multi brand platform featuring a wide assortment of high quality international kitchenware & home ware brands. This hand-cut whisky decanter features a polished steel neck collar and a unique mouth blown bubble in the crystal stopper. It is made of luxury crystal and makes a lovely gift for special occasions like Father’s Day.


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