Festive table table trends to make your Christmas meal as magical as the festival

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The holiday season is upon us! It is the time of the year for keeping up with rituals, gift exchanges and cozy dinners over conversations overflowing with festive cheer. Your dining table will probably be the one spot that will create the fondest memories. And with Christmas right around the corner, everyone is wanting to set up the perfect table.

Table scaping is a fabulous way to not just express your personality but also create an ambience with just the kind of vibe you want. Setting up a table is not just about how you want the table to look, but how you want your guests to feel around that table. And it isn’t that difficult to achieve. Even the simplest of additions like décor accents or elegant glassware can set the right tone and mood.

So, here we have covered all the big theme and trends of this year from candles, coloured glass and conscious decorations by following these tips you can create a special and memorable experience for your friends and family this season.

Red and Green Christmas

This time of the year naturally lends itself to nostalgia and tradition, besides it’s probably the first Christmas in three years that families can safely gather around the table. So, it’s no surprise that the classic deep green and red duo continues to make its show, from the tree to the festive table. Choosing new pieces in festive colours such as silver, white, red and green that you buy will never go out of style.

Don’t be afraid of colours

Besides the traditional red and white, this season, other colours have also made a comeback to compete with the traditional.
While opting for a vibrant tablescape, you can either choose a cooler palette of royal blue, silver, and indigo or earthier reds, oranges, and golds there are no rules to the picking the colours however the key is to keep it to a few key hues and ensure your table looks more festive lunch than kid’s birthday.

A vibrant scheme means you can have some fun with your dinnerware, glassware napkins and even the table runner, it’s always better to keep patterns to a bare minimum when opting for a vibrant table and let the colours do all the talking.

The Royal Brierley Harris Wine Ink Blue by thinKitchen is the perfect deep coloured glass to provide the additional hit of unexpected colour to your Christmas table A handsome glass that can be used for red or white wine. The deep blue crystal body is accented by the crystal-clear foot and stem.

Conscious and Sustainable Table  

With Christmas being such an indulgent time of year, the global consumer trend has shifted to purchasing more eco-friendly decorations and only buying what is needed to help avoid waste. When it comes to choosing tableware buying quality pieces that will stand the test of time is extremely prudent.
Crafted from locally sourced clay and with a 10-year guarantee, Denby’s tableware is a conscious and sustainable choice. Whether it's nesting bowls that can be used for serving up mains, to pasta bowls that are ideal for cooking individual pie portions or presenting desserts, thinKitchen has a wide range of versatile pieces by Denby tableware that can be used for serving this Christmas and beyond.  

Woodland Christmas

New on the block is Scandy inspired table trend is simple, stylish and earthy. If you’re after a rustic approach, then this table theme is perfect for you. A natural tablescape is simple to create and leaves plenty of room for creativity when it comes to textures and shapes. Starting with a blank canvas with a tablecloth, chairs and contrasting table runners. A great way if using natural material to decorate homes is using foraged branch, hang it from the ceiling or use it as a centre piece. Embellish your branch with a range of glass, zinc and metallic decorations for an earthy shimmer and position battery fairy lights.

Add a touch of greenery to the table, use dried leaves to write name of your guests, if dining at night, scatter tea lights with some dried flowers along the length of the table for a simple but elegant finish.

Replace electric garlands with Candles

Candles are another big trend for Christmas 2022 and what would the year-end festival look like without the traditional fleet of candles and candlesticks. The state-of-the-art Christmas candles or flameless LED candles are an ideal solution for decorating the table. You can opt for the tree-shaped candles or simply make your own candleholders by using mugs and bowls and create a trail of wonderfully lit candles for your table setting.

Set up a drinks station

Okay, we are steering away from the main dinner table, but hear us out! Everyone loves a table specially set up for drinks – classic and modern cocktails, Christmas inspired mocktails or even hot chocolate, if you must! Adding elegant glassware – from wine glasses to whisky glasses – will take it up a notch.  Keep décor minimal with perhaps a few candles (watch the glassware reflect those beautiful flickering flames) or a small floral arrangement with maybe hydrangea blooms. thinKitchen’s range of glassware by Dartington and BarCraft will bring in the ultimate fusion of striking, contemporary design and durability to the table. Be the envy of your guests with these classy and elegant glassware.

Make it personal

The one thing that will make your dinner table the one that is being talked about year on year is adding personalized touches for your guests. Adding small gift boxes to each of the plates is an awesome idea to catch your loved ones off guard with a hearty surprise. You could also go the simpler route and add name tags to a décor accent with a beautiful ribbon and place them next to each guest’s table. A personalized message card is another way to make it extra special for your family and friends.

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