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Here’s how you can cook up more than a storm in a stylish, fresh kitchen with oodles of drama

There is hardly anyone who will contest the fact that the kitchen has been the most hard-working space in our homes, most certainly in the last two years. Kitchen is one of our most used living spaces. While you may not think about it, your kitchen is a great place to add decorative yet functional elements like modern tools and accessories that bring in style, aesthetics and innovation while being mindful and responsible. Here are top picks that will help you transform your kitchen.

Keep it Clutter-Free The secret to a clutter-free kitchen is a space roller and pull-down shutters—they help you conceal what you need to keep out of sight.

Cool Tools Maximise utilitarian purchases by investing in tools that serve a function and an aesthetic. Get a big chopping board that’s colourful or a knife set that looks appealing and leave them in a corner of the counter as decor elements.

Vase It There are always nooks in the kitchen we don’t know what to do with. Consider adding drama to these corners with a bold vase. This gives you a healthy confluence of bold and chic while sticking to the kitchen theme.

Clear Cues There is always that see through glass cabinet in the kitchen that gives away the secrets. Use this space to add colour and drama by filling up your staples in clear glass storage jars.

Clever Lighting Accents of light always gives a space a glammed-up look and feel. Install some LED strips inside cabinets or over countertops to eliminate shadows and immediately make your kitchen look like it’s gone through an upgrade.

Serve in Style Invest in some cool serve ware to give a luxe feel to the kitchen or the dining area. A colourful salad bowl can make a world of difference.

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