Holiday Baking – A Sugary Goodness

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'This is the season to bake classics like gingerbread, pinwheel cookies, crumbly mince pies, yule log cakes, peppermint barks, bread puddings, pretzels and our favourite stolen breads.

To make sure you or your family, friends have a holly jolly Christmas do browse our bakeware range from Jamie Oliver, BergHOFF, Brabantia consider for a merrier season; as your go-to guide for holiday baking. You can also gift your relative, friends or family the wide range of cutlery gift set, dinner set gift and various other gift ranges available here.

Measuring Tools - Mixing Bowls, Spoons and Cups

No points for guessing! Measuring cups, spoons and mixing bowls are some of the most important baking tools. After all, baking is all about precise measurements! But if you think just one type of measuring cup is enough, think again! You will actually need a complete set, including both dry and wet measuring cups.

Now let’s talk about the spoons! Get your hands on a spoon set with a tablespoon, teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon. Trust us, you will be using these basic baking tools all the time!

Zester, Siever and Whisks

No one can talk about baking tools and equipment without mentioning about a zester, siever and whisk. These tools are indeed a baker’s best friend.


Baking Pans - Cake Tin, Loaf Pan (mini, large), Baking Tray, Muffin Tins

Of course, you cannot bake without a baking pan/cake tin/ loaf pan/muffin tin. Since there are several varieties of baked goods, there need to be different pans as well. So, this tool is available in various sizes and designs to suit all your baking needs. How many baking pans are too many? Well, you can buy as many baking pans as you want. After all, they are among the most essentials.

Pastry Brushes, Rolling Pin, Piping Bag, Cookie Cutters, Spatulas

Another must haves are your brushes, rolling pin, piping bag, cookie cutters, spatulas. This must-have with all the essential baking tools to get you through any kind of sweet treat recipe.

Cooling Rack, Cookie Containers

Have you gone through the pain of watching your freshly baked cake getting soggy? If yes, you know the worth of a wire rack. This handy tool makes it easy for the baked goods to cool down efficiently at room temperature. Plus, you are free from the hassle of turning the cake upside down.

Cookie jars are an absolute must-have for any kitchen for a multitude of reasons. One of the main, and most obvious reasons, for a cookie jar, is that it prevents its contents from going stale.

Even if you love baking occasionally, the above pieces of equipment for baking are indispensable. And once you have them in your kitchen, you will keep finding new reasons to bake!

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