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In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic boom in travellers around India and abroad. From wanderlusts to newbie travellers, there are many types of travellers. No matter what sort of traveller you identify as, packing thoughtfully is the key to having a successful trip. Even backpackers must have everything they need for the trip, otherwise, they’ll face inconvenience. Unlike earlier times, when one had to carry chunky travel essentials, now they have to carry some tools which will multi-task like a pro. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, having comfort throughout the trip is essential, isn’t it?

These multi-tasking products not only save space in your luggage but also make your journey more comfortable and convenient. Additionally, with advances in technology, travel essentials now incorporate characteristics such as anti-theft protection, waterproofing, and RFID-blocking to ensure safety and security while on the go.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the best travel essentials that make your trip more memorable:

1. Stainless-steel Travel mug:

Carrying a stainless steel travel mug while travelling is essential for many reasons. First and foremost, it diminishes disposable cup usage, thereby downsizing the waste generated. This is especially important, given the current environmental state, and while travelling to areas with limited waste management facilities. Additionally, a stainless steel travel mug keeps drinks hot or cold for longer periods of time, making sure you can enjoy your beverage at the desired temperature. Unlike porcelain cups, stainless steel cup set or travel mugs are also more durable, as it is less likely to break or leak during transit. Lastly, having a travel mug on hand can save money by allowing you to make your own coffee or tea instead of purchasing it from expensive cafes or convenience stores. Yes, with a stainless steel travel mug, you can save a lot of money.

Doesn’t all of this qualify a stainless steel travel mug as a travel must-have?

When it comes to quality travel mugs, we’d recommend BergHOFF Essentials Stainless Steel Travel mug, 500 ml. The best part about this travel mug is that it is designed to fit into most car cup holders and features a groovy stain finish.

If you don’t want to invest in a travel cup set at the moment, at least start by carrying a stainless steel water bottle, which will also reduce waste generation significantly.

2. Wipe dispenser:

Having a wet wipe or tissues throughout the trip is vital. But taking care of the entire tissue box or the wet wipe box is no less than a nightmare. Most people complain that the wet wipes dry out quickly after opening, because of its flimsy packaging. If that’s the issue you face, you need to get the Zoku Pocket wipe dispenser. It’s one tool that will change your travel game drastically. It’s pocket-friendly and can store up to 25 hand wipes. Don’t worry, it’s lightweight and effortlessly stylish. The best part, it can be readily attached to your bag, so finding wipes at the right time won’t be a hassle, at all.
P.S. Zoku Pocket wipe dispenser comes in a few colour options and 2 rolls of 25 wipes in each. It’s one of our favourite travel must-haves and should be on your travel essentials list too.

3. Travel cutlery set:

 The amount of plastic waste generated during travel is alarming. If the figures were to be believed, it was found that more than 300 grams of plastic waste were generated at a single shop in Mussoorie at a shop where tourists were a significant source for the generation. Travellers are growing increasingly wary about their actions and their consequence on nature. The idea of sustainable living and travelling is gradually becoming mainstream. One step in reducing plastic waste while travelling is by carrying your travel cutlery set. Typically, a travel cutlery set would include a fork, knife, spoon, and steel straw.

Most travel cutlery sets you find on thinKitchen are made with durable steel and come from the top brands of the world. It’s safe to use and easy to clean. They come with storage boxes which makes moving with travel cutlery safe and uncomplicated. Some of the best travel cutlery sets include Zoku Stainless Steel Kids Pocket Utensil Set, BergHOFF Spoon Set, and BergHOFF Travel Flatware Set, amongst others. 

4. Stainless steel food jar or travel tumbler:

If you are someone who likes to move around with some homemade food or healthy Knick knacks, then you must carry them in stainless steel food jars or travel tumblers. They are air-tight, so your food will remain fresh for a long. Moreover, most travel tumblers are also leak-proof so, you don’t have to worry about spilling gravy over your clothes. What’s great about food jars is that they will retain the food temperature for long hours. So, even during a long road trip, you can enjoy warm food. Most travel tumblers or food jars you find on thinKitchen are made with high-grade 18/8 stainless steel.
Zoku travel tumblers or food jars come in different sizes, feel free to choose depending on your requirement.

5. Shaker bottle:

Can’t do without your protein shake or cup of coffee? Well, your travel essentials list must include a shaker bottle. In the shakers category, Zoku slush/shaker maker is setting new benchmarks. It is a unique shaker bottle that also has the ability to make slush in 7 minutes, while you are on the go. This is perfect for summer travel. The Zoku shaker bottle is compact and convenient. It’s made with high-quality, BPA Free plastic, so you can enjoy your slush without any concerns. If you are looking for one travel essential for your upcoming summer trip, it has to be the Zoku Slush/Shaker bottle.

These are our top five travel must-haves that are worth your investment. If you are looking for quality travel essentials from the top brands of the world, head to thinKitchen now. It’s your one-stop solution to get new-age travel essentials. Explore the range now. 

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