Maximise your kitchen space with these top 5 stylish kitchenware

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Maximise your kitchen space with these top 5 stylish kitchenware Blog Banner

How do you maximise your kitchen space?

Try out our stylish space-saving kitchenware from Joseph Joseph.

They are guaranteed to make your life in the kitchen easier and help you utilize your kitchen space more efficiently.

Make your kitchen space more productive and less cluttered!


Joseph Joseph Nest™ 9 Plus Bowl Set – Multi Colour

Nest™ 9 Plus Bowl Set – Multi Colour

Nest™ is the ultimate collection of space-saving kitchenware. The unique design allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked neatly together, thereby occupying the absolutely minimum amount of space. It combines a range of staple kitchenware into one stackable set. Picture all those individual items neatly stacked and snapped together securely in your kitchen cupboard or drawer: a blissful space.


Joseph Joseph DrawerStore™ Cutlery Tray - Grey

 DrawerStore™ Cutlery Tray - Grey

Organise messy cutlery drawers with this practical and smart storage solution. The two halves of the joseph joseph drawerstore cutlery tray can be finely adjusted to fit a variety of drawer sizes and lock securely together once in place. The design provides four deep-sided compartments for holding cutlery, a utensil area for knives or larger kitchen tools and a handy, moveable storage dish for small, loose items. Easy to use, easy to store and space-saving – what could be better?


Joseph Joseph Nest™ Boards Plus 6-piece Knife and Chopping Board Set

 Nest™ Boards Plus 6-piece Knife and Chopping Board Set

For the space-conscious chef or baker, the Nest™ Boards 6-piece Chopping Board Set is ideal for space-saving on your kitchen worktop. This smart set includes three colour-coded chopping boards, three essential kitchen knives and a sleek storage stand. This simple, yet effective nesting set design makes it easy to store your cutting boards together, neatly in one easily accessible place.


Joseph Joseph Nest™ 5-piece Utensils Plus – Multicolour

 Nest™ 5-piece Utensils Plus – Multicolour

Practical, space-saving kitchen tool comprising a range of food preparation sets. The clever design of this 5-piece utensil set means the tools all nest neatly together to take up less room and make it easy to find and access the utensil you want when you need it.


Joseph Joseph CupboardStore™ 2-tier Rotating Organiser - Grey

 CupboardStore™ 2-tier Rotating Organiser - Grey

Improve visibility and access in cupboards with this simple but effective storage solution. This handy cutlery organiser joseph joseph comprises of two tiered layers on a rotating base, which raises up the smaller items that often go unseen in your kitchen cupboards and makes access from all angles simple and easy!

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