Must Have Bar Tools & Glassware For Cocktail Parties

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Must Have Bar Tools & Glassware For Cocktail Parties

As the party season approaches, throwing a year-end cocktail soiree promises excitement and joy. This year, host a party like a pro and make a lasting impression. Discover the key elements of crafting a home bar, receive expert tips on choosing the perfect equipment, and explore suggestions for whipping up delectable cocktails. Elevate your holiday and New Year's celebrations into a truly enchanting experience.

Must Have Bar Essentials

Before you go splurging on bar tools and essentials, let's get the basics right. First, we’ll break down the basics you got to have for your home bar. Here's the scoop on the must-haves:

Cocktail Shaker & Strainer

A stainless-steel shaker makes mixing and straining cocktails a breezy task. Use it to flaunt your cocktail making skills. Invest in quality for lasting use. Strainers are great if you and your guests enjoy a clean drink. It removes ice and ingredients before serving. thinKitchen has some of the best cocktail shakers and strainers that you ought to check out now.


This stainless-steel measuring device ensures accurate alcohol pours with its ounce and dash compartments. You won’t go wrong with your cocktails if you use jigger.


The flavors of any cocktail enhance when you crush some herbs or fruits. A muddler is essential for mashing fruits and herbs in drinks like mojitos, opt for a sturdy wood or stainless-steel muddler, like the ones available at thinKitchen.

Bar Spoon

A long-handled spoon gently stirs cocktails without disturbing flavors or ice.makes for the perfect set for any budding bartender. This complete set provides all the tools to discover mixology secrets and craft artisanal cocktails at home with ease. Cheers to effortless at-home bartending! It’s also a perfect gift for the current holiday season.

Ice Accessories

An ice bucket is a must-have for serving ice in style at your house party. Versatile molds like the Final Touch Silicone Ice Balls by thinKitchen® cater to different glass sizes and offer creative options, like freezing fruit within ice balls. What’s more, ice tongs ensure hygienic handling without direct contact, completing your essential ice tools.

Must Have Glassware

Believe it or not, the glass you use for your cocktails makes all the difference. While building a home bar or hosting a year-end party, it's essential to have a variety of drinking glasses to accommodate different types of cocktails. You can opt for classic glasses like old fashioned, margarita, or martini glasses. However, feel free to explore the modern glassware available at thinKitchen for your innovative mixes. Make sure to purchase enough glasses for each guest and consider getting extras for unexpected visitors.

Highball Glasses

Tall glasses suitable for drinks like highballs, mojitos, or gin and tonics. Their larger size accommodates mixers and ice.

Lowball Glasses

Also known as rocks glasses, perfect for serving cocktails like old fashion, whiskey on the rocks, or negronis. They're sturdy and ideal for drinks without much mixer.

Martini Glasses

Iconic for serving martinis, these stemmed glasses have a triangular bowl shape, allowing for elegant presentation.

Wine Glasses

Different wine glasses cater to various types of wine—red, white, and stemless options. Dartington wine glasses by thinKitchen® offers an extensive collection of wine glasses, featuring various styles designed to complement different types of wine. These glasses are crafted to enhance the aroma and taste of your favorite wines.

Shot Glasses

Small glasses for serving straight shots or creating layered drinks. Shot glasses are a must-have as they can be used for playing some fun drinking games.


Decanters, available in various shapes and materials, store spirits and liquids. The unique design of the  Final Touch Conundrum Aerator Decanter by thinKitchen® enhances flavor and aroma. Other tools like bottle openers, corkscrews, straws, and wine stoppers streamline drink preparation and service.

Tips for Setting Up a Home Bar

Now that you've got the lowdown on must-have bar essentials, let's dive into pro tips for setting up your home bar:

  • Plan Your Space
  • Smartly Stock Your Bar
  • Create Signature Cocktails
  • Mood Matters

With these bar essentials, your home bar will craft an array of cocktails, impressing guests. Stock spirits, mixers, garnishes, plan your setup, and prepare to shake up drinks, celebrating the holiday spirit and welcoming the New Year in style! Shop premium glassware brands from thinKitchen

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