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Everyone dreams of having an organized kitchen with neatly stacked glass jars filled with spices, fancy dinnerware showcased, and clean and clutter-free countertops decorated with several appliances and luxury kitchen cutlery set.. However, making that a reality is often a struggle.

You may have large cabinets with narrow counters or a small kitchen. Your kitchen may lack the storage space for all your boxed cake mixes, measuring spoons, frying pans, and ladles. Kitchens- no matter how big or small- tend to be chaotic. Maintaining a certain aesthetic while being organized is another difficult balance to find.

This is where kitchen organizing tools and storage containers come in handy. So to help you create that dream kitchen, here’s a list of some hacks to keep your countertops clutter-free!

Clean, Clean, Clean

The first step to organizing is giving your kitchen a good deep cleanse. Start by removing everything- containers and jars stocked on shelves, dishes lined in racks, utensils, cookware, glassware, and the pantry. Then grab a couple of water buckets, cloth rags, and disinfectants and get to work. Although time-consuming, the hard work pays off by leaving a fresh canvas to work with.

Don’t be a hoarder and ditch that old plastic mug you’ve had since time immemorial. When cleaning, try sorting through the different items you own. Remove or recycle old and broken things avoid overstocking and overcrowding your space. This will also give you a pretty good idea of what you own and what you may want to buy.

Building Zones

Once you are done deep cleaning your home, it’s time to build sections or zones! Building zones implies dedicating a certain area to a particular set of tasks. Let’s take kitchens as an example.

Cooking involves several steps: washing the vegetables and chopping them on a cutting board to finally arrange the meal on a beautiful china dish. The different processes require different types of items. Trying to accomplish all of this in one spot will mean inviting chaos to your home. 


Dish Drying Rack

The best home decorators suggest creating different zones within your kitchen space. You need sinks and taps along with cloths and soaps to keep your dishes clean and wash your vegetables. So, why not create a small space beside the sink where you can organize your cleaned dishes on a Dish Drying Rack. Then, convert the cabinet beneath the sink into a cleaning supply area.


Kitchen Utensils Set

Follow this process to create small zones for a range of similar tasks, including a food prep station, cooking area with the stove, and several cooking tools like the Kitchen Utensil Set, pantry solution, etc.



Drying Stand

With the monsoon season hitting hard, you could choose to transform a corner of your house into an indoor dryer using the  3 Arms Rotary Drying Stand.

Establishing zones to other aspects of your home will not only enhance the aesthetics but also make organizing and storing a lot more uncomplicated.

Storage Containers to the Rescue

Airtight containers, stackable canisters, and glass jars are, perhaps, the greatest invention in the kitchen storage department. Using these crafty tools has been recommended by almost all experts and house/kitchen decor magazines.


Food Storage Glass Jar

Investing in a Food Storage Canister or a Stackable Food Storage Glass Jar is the greatest storage hack that completely changes the look of a kitchen. Store anything from spaghetti to cereals or other commonly used ingredients inside these transparent air-tight food storage containers.

While the look-appeal has its perks when guests wander into your kitchen, storage containers are quite practical inventions too. The airtight mini storage units promise to keep your edibles safe and secure, especially in the rainy seasons.

It is a pain to open your pantry or fridge and continue opening the lid of each box just to find the item you were looking for hidden in the last row. We’ve all been there and recognize how frustrating this simple task can be.


Square Food Storage Canisters

Transparent stackable Square Food Storage Canisters are particularly popular for their utility. They allow you to store many items with additional ease of use by being transparent. Simply visit your pantry cabinet or open your fridge, and voila, the item you need is right in front of you.

These canisters can be stored away inside the pantry or fridge, or you could place them in a row in a kitchen cabinet. These containers free you of the hassle of managing several plastics, saves you time that you had to spend on finding these items, and lets you keep track of your food supplies.

Get your Drawers in Order

Do you have spoons and forks flinging about inside the kitchen drawers? Or several closed-lid cups hidden away somewhere? Even though stowing away objects inside drawers may hide them from sight, they interfere while working in the kitchen. To help you out, use a narrow utensil tray or holder to keep your spoons, forks, and other cutlery separate and arranged. Align the base of your drawers with liners for easy cleaning and an appealing look.

Instead of stacking several mini jars with daily-use spices or others of the sort, decorate your counters with a carousel jar holder. Ask your designer to include pull-out shelves to store larger items like appliances or heavy cookware. For the pots and pans cabinet, arrange the utensils in different slots of a cookware organizer. Finally, separate the space using a drawer divider.


Knife and Utensils Organizer

Even if you lack space to carry all the utensils you own, keep the aesthetic appeal up while remaining neat and tidy with Knife & Utensil Organisers.

Create More Space

Window Canister

The most significant element in organizing is creating more space and increasing the area’s utility while not crowding it. Although, this can be tricky in kitchens. However, there are several ways to add to your counters. Using raised racks and countertop shelves, you can double the storage area for your jars, Window Canister, and plates. These come in handy for stacking and storing.

Over-cabinet kitchen storage organizers are easy fixes to add small knick-knacks you can’t part with without cluttering your drawers and cabinets. You can also use them to keep soaps and sponges for your dishes over the sink. Shelved-caddies are especially useful for parties. These special racks let you stack your cutleries and dinnerware in a single tool in a compact area.

Organizing the Pantry and Fridge

Square Food Storage Canister

Once you are done with the kitchen, the next challenge is tackling the insides of your fridge and pantry. While piling and stacking items is the laziest way to do things, this can be troublesome. Using airtight, transparent containers like the Brabantia Square Food Storage Canister of varying sizes and shapes can significantly help straighten your pantry and fridge.  



Don’t stop with your kitchen. Go further with your organizing and storage spree with these items- rotary drying stand, linen cloth rack, ironing board, and laundry box

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