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Summer season can be really hot and calls for refreshing drinks to beat the heat. This is the perfect time to get creative and experiment with making mocktails and cocktails at home. Summer is the perfect time to show your bartending skills. It's not just about the drinks, having the right summer drinkware is also essential to keep your beverages cool and enjoyable. Whether it's a pool party or a barbecue with friends, having the right drinkware can make all the difference. If you want your drinks to be brighter than the sun, this is the perfect read for you. Be sure to stock up on summer drinkware to make the most of the season and stay cool all summer long. In today’s blog, we’ll check out some of the best summer drinkware essentials that you need to get right away.

1. Wine glasses:

Fancy a glass of chilled wine on a sunny afternoon? Then you need to get some quality wine glasses. With so many different wine glasses in the market, you need to choose the one that is designed for your preferred wine. Luigi Bormoili Red wine glasses will add a touch of sophistication to your table. For those who like chardonnay wine, you must opt for Luigi Bormioli Tentazioni Chardonnay wine glasses. And if you prefer a little old-school intricate glassware, you could opt for the Royal Brierley Antibes Wine goblet glass or the tall Braemar large wine glass.

2. Thermic beverage glasses:

A drink that looks interesting becomes more appealing. Next on our list of summer drinkware essentials is Luigi Bormioli’s thermic beverage glasses. In the glassware category, this brand has made its mark with innovative quality glasses. These glasses have double walls to maintain the drink’s temperature. So, it’s ideal for iced drinks and frosty smoothies. It is made with borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about its sturdiness. It’s resistant to cracks and shattering. At the same time, it’s microwave and dishwasher-safe.

3. Tumbler glass:

Tumbler glass is as versatile as it gets. You can use tumbler glasses to serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you want unique-looking glasses at your party, you must invest in tumbler glasses. It’s a flat-floored beverage glass so it can be placed anywhere, without any worry. Tumbler glasses are easy to hold, clean, and store. Thus, the perfect pick for house parties. Dartington Crystal Rum Tumbler glasses and Royal Brierley Barra Olive Green Globe Tumbler glasses are our best-sellers. If you want more cylindrical-shaped glasses, you could also opt for the Royal Brierley Antibes Crystal Large Tumbler glass set.

4. Infuser jug:

Glassware includes more than just glasses. That’s why, in our summer drinkware essentials list, we have also included an infuser jar. The key to getting through warm summers is staying hydrated. A hydrated body is a happy one. Whether you’re hosting a party at home or enjoying summer vacation at home, you must invest in an infuser jar. Not only do they allow you to create refreshing and flavorful drinks, but they also offer a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices. Infuser jars can be filled with a mix of fruits, ice, and spices to create delicious infused water, lemonades, or iced teas. Some popular summer infusions include strawberry and basil, cucumber and mint, or lemon and ginger. By infusing your drinks with natural ingredients, you can stay hydrated and calm while savouring the fresh flavours of summer.

5. Drinks dispenser:

Drinks dispensers are perfect for summer as they allow you to create refreshing and flavorful drinks that can cool you down in the scorching heat. You can infuse several fruits and herbs in your summer drinks to make them more fascinating and healthy. For instance, you can add cuts of cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves to your water dispenser to create a delectable and hydrating drink. This is great if your kids play out in the sun or you return home during the afternoons. Another prevalent summer drink is lemonade, which can be given a twist by adding fresh raspberries or lavender to it. Save up your favourite signature summer drink for the whole day.

Speaking of the best drinks dispenser, it has to be the Kilner vintage drinks dispenser. Kilner is a brand that was born in England in the 1840s and has been a leader in the international glassware market since then. Made with glass, the brand aims to promote sustainability. It has also won several accolades for its sustainability efforts. Kilner also offers a fridge drinks dispenser, a smart drinks dispenser that can be stored in the refrigerator effortlessly.

6. Glass bottle:

You must try and reduce plastic usage, however you can. One great way to eliminate plastic usage is by investing in glass bottles. They can be reused several times and don’t absorb odour or flavours like plastic bottles. Although delicate, glass bottles definitely look very classy and sophisticated in the house or office. Glass bottles from top brands such as Zoku and Kilner are leakproof and sturdy. You can place it on the dining table for added elegance.

7. Mason jars:

If you enjoy smoothies or milkshakes during summer, then you must have mason jars in your glassware essentials. With mason jars, there’s an instant cute factor that’s added to your beverage. In fact, we suggest you serve iced tea to your guests in tumbler glasses or mason jars. It will set the right relaxing mood while cooling down the heat.

You will be surprised to know how glassware can make such a big difference to your summer drinking experience. It’s time to pull out your favourite glassware, wear your bartending hat, and experiment. Whether you are having a party or enjoying yourself on a sunny afternoon, these glassware essentials will come in handy.

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