The Right Time to Revamp your Cookware

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Tell us the truth: How many of you are still using the same pots or pans you purchased when you first bought your home? We realize that many people live by the saying, "If it is not broken, it doesn’t need any fixing”. However, that is not quite the right approach and we highly recommend that you recognize your kitchen tools and segregate them into types to know when is the right time to upgrade them.
Only good intents can come out of upgrading the aforementioned tools as - higher performance, improved efficiency, superior aesthetic and ease of use. Need a little more persuading? Anand further shares four strong pointers on when to revamp your cookware.

Now is always a good time since cooking first-grade is an investment:
When you spend your money on good quality pots and pans, it is really about making a good investment. Good quality cookware comes with longevity. For e.g., Zyliss which offers food prep tools with the latest ideas and innovations and 70 years of Swiss expertise, offers a 10-year nonstick guarantee on its Ultimate Pro Pans, which means that the cookware is designed to last. Investing in a cookware that offers durability will also save you time and money in one swoop.

Advancing your cooking skills:
When you want to try new dishes and cuisines you must have the right tools to make the process stress free. When execution is key you should always rely on products that could best assist you in the kitchen. So, when you are cooking up pasta, try the award winning (winner of Reddot Award 2019, a German international design prize award), Leo Covered range by BergHOFF with its integrated draining function so that you can easily drain your pasta without the hassle of using too many utensils and fear of ingredients slipping out while straining.

Better Safe than Sorry:
Another issue with old cookware is that it can frequently become distorted or turn rusty without you knowing it. Since old pans with uneven surfaces get hot spots, you will encounter problems while cooking and burning of food. If the core of the pan is beginning to peek through, it can react with some acidic foods such as tomato sauce and even instigating discoloration under high heat. Replace such pans with the Carbon Steel Woks from Ken Hom that are great for high heat, high speed cooking. These woks have hard-wearing coating from Whitford one of the most trusted in the industry for long-lasting performance.

Upping the Aesthetics:
The festive season being around the corner presents a great number of gatherings, parties, and family meals. The kitchen being the focal point of the house during festivities, introduce new cookware to your kitchen. Old pans or pots would compromise the look of your kitchen as well as the taste of the food. 

Revamping your cookware will further help you ace your cooking skills and give you the satisfaction of a using a reliable set of cooking and prep tools which are likely to prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.


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