The Ultimate Guide to choosing Wedding gifts

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Shopping for a wedding gift can be a nerve-racking task.

It is often confusing to decide what to gift the newlyweds. Should you gift them something that they can cherish or something that will add value to their lives?

We’re here to lighten the burden with our list of the best wedding gifts for every type of couple. Read on.


Let’s start with the home space. There are myriad things a couple setting up a new home are likely to need. Dinner setsbar and glasswarecookware, appliances and organizing essentials for their kitchen are all gifts that are likely to find favour with them. But be sure to pick on quality pieces with great aesthetics, which will bring a smile to their faces.

Similarly, art, décor pieces, home linen or even unique statement furniture are all options that can be great gifts.

Couple Gifts:

We’re all for gifts that bring the couple closer together.

So, if the bride and groom are ardent readers, a load of books that will get them to nestle on a couch with a book may be a great choice. Or bookends in different designs which could perk up their home décor.

Encourage a new passion. It could be a baking set that will motivate them to try their hand at a new hobby. Or a DIY set that can get them to build and create something new.

High- Quality Game sets. Sure, the duo will become one soon, but a little competition now and then will elevate any game night.  A tennis set, chess set or playing cards or board games can do just that.

For the tech-savvy couple, smart devices would make great wedding gifts. Voice- controlled devices, Bluetooth speakers, Projectors, Fire TV sticks, can help the newlyweds transform their space into tech heaven.



How about gifting them an experience that they will remember and cherish? A cruise vacation, a snorkelling experience, a fine dining experience, a spa vacation, anything that the couple is likely to enjoy. Let them soak in the overwhelming feeling of being a couple and spending quality time together.

The Gift of Choice:

Giving the liberty to the couple to choose their own gift is also a safe option. Gift cards, gift vouchers or even cash are simple and convenient ways to do this. The couple can buy what they wish with it, and it will get delivered to their doorstep. Simple, no fuss and a great backup option!


Whether an item or an experience, gifts to newly wedded couples must be as per their likes and preferences. Take your time thinking through your options to choose one that will bring a smile to the couple’s face and make their wedding even more special.


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