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Maybe this year more than others, we can really appreciate being able to gather around the table to celebrate our friends and family this Diwali.

We've put together a perfect guide to help you set a uniquely elegant Dinner table setting for an unforgettable festive dinner.


Candle Stand

If you are out of candle stand, glass motifs could be used in multiple ways, fill them up with rice, sand or small stones and make your candles stand in them.


Floral Napkins

If you are out of napkin rings, you can use ribbons as napkin rings, cut a length of ribbon that is large enough to wrap around the napkins you plan to use. Add a flower of your choice and place it in the centre and wrap the ribbon around it to secure the flower in place. These floral napkin rings will definitely add a little elegance to your next dinner party or soiree.                


Table Cloth:

Use a table cloth that will help add texture to your display in our case we have used a raw silk fabric which is not a table cloth but it works as a nice layer to the dinner setting. Don’t be afraid to play around with layers.


Contemporary style Dinner setting:

Place a table mat. Take the dinner plate and centre it onto the placemat. Set the salad plate in the middle of the dinner plate. On the right of the dinner plate, you should place the knife and spoon The knife should be closest to the plate with the blade pointing in while the spoon should be to its right. On the left side place from the outside place, set a dessert spoon and a dinner fork. To the right and roughly three-fourth inches downwards, align the white wine glass. Opposite to it, place the red wine glass.



Bring in a little bit of nature to the table by adding a mix of coloured flowers this will help bring vibrancy of colours to your table. Place the soup bowls on top of the salad plate.


Joy of Gifting:                                                                    

Add a personalised touch to you table by placing premium glassware gifts for your guests. Choose from our thoughtfully curated kitchen and home must haves.  

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