Top benefits of using stainless steel bottles for kids: Safety and Hygiene Options

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Everyone needs water to survive, including kids. Filtered water from home is the best choice for your little bundle of joy. Why, you ask? It’s good for the body as it improves blood circulation, enhances memory, prevents dehydration, keeps the joints healthy and more. After all, the benefits of drinking water are endless, aren’t they? As a parent, you must go the extra length to ensure that your kid stays hydrated at all times.

But staying hydrated isn’t enough; the right bottle matters just as much.

Gone are the days when you could choose any plastic bottle and hand it to your kid. Conscious parenting is all about making the right choices for the kid that fosters their well-being and safety.

As parents, you strive to do what’s best for your little one, right? We’re here to tell you a simple step such as choosing a stainless-steel bottle can help your kid in more ways than you can imagine.

In today’s blog, we’ll shed light on why stainless steel bottle is an ideal choice for your kid:

1. Free from BPA:

Water has all the nutrients your kiddo’s body needs. But sipping from plastic bottles is not recommended for them, as it can cause more harm than good to them. Some plastic bottles are made with chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A), which can leach into the liquid and be consumed by the child. Ingesting these chemicals can cause several health issues, which can be easily avoided with stainless steel bottles. All stainless-steel water bottles online from conscious brands such as Zoku and Typhoon are BPA-free and available on our thinKitchen.  

2. Durability:

Rightly so, kids aren’t as careful as adults. And that’s why you need to give them something that keeps up with them, always. Plastic bottles can be flimsy and are prone to breakage. On the other hand, glass bottles aren’t safe for children either. That’s why you ought to opt for stainless steel bottles that are highly enduring and sturdy. No matter how roughly your child uses it, the stainless steel bottle will always stand the test of time. So, buying a stainless steel bottle for your kid is a worthy one-time investment.

3. Insulation:

Some stainless steel comes with double-walled vacuum-insulated steel and can keep the water hot or cold for long hours. This is a wonderful feature for those parents who want their kids to have warm water during cold winter mornings or vice versa during scorching summer afternoons.

 4. Prevents dehydration:

 Dehydration is a serious concern with kids. It is known to cause a host of health issues such as tooth decay, fatigue, body ache and so on. They don’t understand the importance of drinking water like adults. As a parent, you would know the struggle of trying different creative tricks to get your child to drink water. Well, you can put your worries to ease by getting home a cool, funky stainless steel colour changing bottles from Typhoon. Add cold water to watch the bottle change colour before your eyes!

5. Easy to clean:

What if the water is clean, but the bottle isn’t? You cannot risk your child’s health in any way. That’s why you must opt for stainless steel water bottles online. We offer bottles from top brands which are not only chemical-free but also corrosion and rust-resistant. They’re easy to clean and thoughtfully designed, ensuring there is no room for bacteria or mould.

6. Planet-friendly:

A plastic bottle can take roughly 450 years to decompose completely. We all must strive to build a tomorrow that’s worth living. Little steps can lead to a large consequence. When you choose stainless steel bottles on thinKitchen for your kids, you are also creating a greener future for them. It's time to show your little loved ones how much you care about their future.

7. Cost-effective:

Stainless steel bottles are highly durable, and thus, cost-effective in the long run. Once you choose the right stainless steel water bottle online, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting another one for a long time. Stainless steel bottles are effortless to clean, carry, and refill. So, if you are travelling with your kids and don’t want to spend on packaged drinking water, you definitely must invest in stainless steel water bottles online by Zoku on thinKitchen.

These are just some of the many reasons that make stainless steel bottles the right match for your kids.

Now, let’s look at some tips that you could follow while buying stainless steel bottles online:

1. Type of steel:

You will find all sorts of steel water bottles online. Some are made with aluminium and steel, and some are made with other mixed materials with steel. But the one that’s right for your little one is the one made with food-grade stainless steel material. Stainless steel bottles are not only rust-resistant, but they also don’t retain flavours; so you can use them for water as well as other beverages and not worry about odour or rust.

 2. Colour:

Does your child have a favourite colour? Well, then choosing a stainless steel bottle online becomes a lot simpler. We offer stainless steel bottles for kids in distinct colours, shapes, and prints which kids are sure to love. You can get the best prints in the Zoku water bottle range on our website. With so many options, you will be left spoilt for choice, just like your kid.

3. Size:

Stainless steel water bottles online come in different sizes and types. For example, you could choose from the Typhoon sippers, Zoku wide-neck bottles and other best insulated stainless steel bottles from the top brands on thinKitchen. Typically, for kids, 500 ml to 750 ml stainless steel bottles are recommended. However, if you are travelling with your kids, you could opt for bigger bottles.

4. Leakproof:

If your child will carry the stainless-steel water bottle to school along with the books, it better not leak or spill. Zoku water bottles are made with not only leakproof lips but also heavy gauge 18/18 stainless steel. You can browse through various brands such as Zoku Typhoon and Kambukka and see the array of stainless-steel bottles at thinKitchen.

The final verdict on stainless steel bottles for kids

With the right stainless-steel bottle, you can put worries related to your child’s hydration and health to rest. You can browse through various brands such as Zoku, Typhoon, Kambukka and see the array of stainless-steel bottles online.
No matter which stainless steel bottle you pick, you must ensure your child stays hydrated at all times. After all, water is not for the body but also the mind. Both needs to be nurtured well.

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