What Are The Different Uses of Spatula?

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Types of Spatulas and their Uses

Let’s begin by asking you a question – have you ever cooked anything without using a spatula? The spatula is a kitchen hero that is often found pushed to the back of the kitchen drawer. This multifaceted tool deserves its standing ovation, from flipping delicate pancakes to scraping every last bit of batter, it’s a real gamechanger. In today’s blog, we will explore different types of spatulas, what they are used for and how to buy the best spatula online.

First, let’s explore why spatula is so important:

Spatulas are more unique than you can imagine! Think beyond flipping dosas and burgers. A spatula is a master of many trades, making it an indispensable kitchen tool.

Now, let’s understand the different types of spatulas that you can choose from:

Turner Spatulas:

The OG Spatula: 

This classic feature a wide, flat blade for flipping burgers, dosas, chapatis, and eggs.

Fish Spatula: 

The fish spatula with its thin, flexible blade navigates delicate fish fillets effortlessly.

Slotted Spatula: 

The slotted spatula allows grease to drain, perfect for flipping sausages or vegetables.

Offset Spatula:

The offset spatula, with its bent blade, reaches cake edges and corners for flawless frosting.

Mini Offset Spatula:

The mini offset spatula tackles cupcakes and delicate spreads.

Straight Spatula:

The straight spatula, akin to a palette knife, spreads frosting, serves slices, and scrapes bowls.

Sandwich Spreader:

The sandwich spreader, with its serrated edge, creates perfect mayo and mustard layers.

Other Specialized Spatulas:


The scraper spatula scrapes bowls, cleans grill grates, and cuts dough.

High heat Spatula:

The high-heat spatula tackles searing, grilling, and flipping on hot surfaces.

Silicone Spatula:

Silicone spatulas fold batters gently, while heat-resistant plastic ones handle hot foods safely.

How to Use Your Spatula?


Slide the spatula under the food, use a rocking motion for leverage, and lift smoothly.


Hold the spatula at an angle and apply gentle pressure against the bowl's sides.


Hold the spatula at a slight angle and use a smooth, even motion for consistent spreads.


Use the wide edge of the spatula to scoop and transfer delicate foods.

Characteristic of Spatulas:

1. Versatility:

Think of any kitchen activity and you will realise the need of a spatula! From mixing thick pancake batter to tossing a salad or making a dosa, a spatula is going to be your companion. What makes it so versatile is its ability to handle various tasks. What’s more, a well-chosen spatula becomes an elegant serving tool. Even spreading sauces, jams, or cream cheese on your morning toast becomes a breeze if you use the right spatula.

2. Efficiency:

When it comes to scraping bowls, a good spatula ensures no precious drop of batter or sauce goes to waste. Sauteing vegetables in a crowded pan? The spatula manoeuvres through the chaos, turning and tossing ingredients with effortlessly, leading to a mess-free cooking.

3. Convenience:

The convenience offered by spatulas is simply unparalleled. With a wide variety of sizes and materials available, there's a spatula for every kitchen job. Whether it's a heat-resistant silicone spatula for your non-stick pans or a sturdy metal one for high-heat grilling, convenience is key.

4. Protection:

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, the spatula plays a role in protecting the chef. Its long handle keeps your hands at a safe distance from the heat source, preventing burns and ensuring a stress-free cooking experience. Moreover, the right spatula can act as a shield, preventing delicate items like fish or pancakes from sticking to the pan and leading to a culinary disaster.

5. Precision:

For delicate cooking, certain spatulas offer precise control. Imagine effortlessly flipping a fillet of fish without it breaking apart or smoothly spreading a thin layer of frosting on a cake or even making a paper dosa at home. Spatulas designed for precision provide the finesse required for such tasks, turning them from challenging to a satisfying culinary performance.

In essence, the spatula is a kitchen chameleon, adapting to the diverse needs of every culinary creation.

How to Choose a Spatula?

With so many choices, selecting the right spatula can feel overwhelming. Here's how to find your ideal match:


Consider heat resistance (metal for high heat, silicone for non-stick surfaces).


Match the spatula size to the task (large for flipping pizzas, small for spreading).


Rigid spatulas handle heavy foods, while flexible ones navigate delicate items.


Choose slotted spatulas for draining liquids, perforated ones for grilling.


Select a handle that fits your grip comfortably.

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