Brabantia Platinum Window Food Containers, 1.4 litre

Rs. 1,099

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Looking for a way to store coffee, tea, sugar and more. Our 1.4 litre round canister is the perfect solution. The flavour-seal 'click' lid keeps the contents fresh for longer. And the optional antistatic window allows you to see just how much content is left in the can.

¥ A functional and durable solution to keep your coffee, tea, pasta etc. fresh for longer.
¥ Suitable for 500 g coffee, 1kg sugar etc.
¥ With antistatic plastic window - contents and amount always clearly visible
¥ Fitted with flavour-seal 'click' lid
¥ Easy to clean due to the smooth inside finish
¥ Protective coated base
¥ Durable - made of corrosion resistant material