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Cole & Mason Premium 8 Jar Filled Herb & Spice Carousel, Stainless Steel & Glass, 13.5cm

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This single tiered herb and spice carousel perfectly combines stylish elegance with exceptional function. The carousel body is made from black plastic for durability and accented with brushed stainless steel. It comes with 8 glass jars filled with specially selected herbs and spices that have been chosen to suit the most popular dishes cooked in homes today. Each jar has it's content printed on the top of the cap to ensure you can always identify your desired ingredient. They are also foil sealed for freshness so you can be assured of the high quality expected from all Cole & Mason products. The carousel base has been designed to rotate smoothly so your favourite ingredients will always be within easy reach. It also features a central stem with handle so it can be comfortably picked up and carried around the kitchen. Its unique design allows the jars to hook onto the carousel frame to give the illusion they are floating. The perfect fit of the hooks ensures the jars stay in place when you pick up or rotate the carousel. The stainless steel cap of each jar features 3 settings. When using, simply turn the cap to left or right for shake or pour. When not in use, turn the cap back to the closed setting. It's compact shape means it can easily be stored anywhere in the kitchen so you can ensure it is always close to hand when needed. Disclaimer: The jars are filled with herbs and spices by weight.  Due to variation in crop and seed sizes, the tolerances in the shredding and grinding processes, and settling during transportation, the contents may not completely fill the jars.

Pack Includes - 1 Rotating Stand and 8 Glass Herb & Spice Jar
Material - Glass
The stainless steel cap of each jar features 3 settings. Fully seal the jar when stored to keep contents fresh. When ready to use, simply turn to shake or pour.
The unique hooking system not only allows for easy removal and replacing of the glass jars but also gives the appearance of them floating. The jars stay firmly in place when the carousel is picked up or rotated.
The central stem not only supports all the jars but can be used to rotate the carousel for easy access to your desired ingredient. It can also be used to pick up and carry the carousel.
"Length - 20.7cm, Width - 20.7cm, Height - 13.5cm Product Weight - 1.28 kg"
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