Dartington Armchair Spirit Snifter, 310 ml

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Every fan of neat spirits likes to serve their drink a little differently. The generous size of this whisky glass online allows you to serve your drink exactly as you like it on the rocks, with a little fruit, or simple and straight up. Have it your way.
Length- 17 cm, Width- 12 cm, Height- 12 cm, Capacity- 350 ml
Hand wash


Dartington, an esteemed English crystal company, has been proudly celebrating British craftsmanship since 1967. With a steadfast dedication to crafting exquisite crystal and glass choices for homes and gifts, Dartington has curated an elegant and refined design aesthetic. Many of Dartington’s original glass artisans were imported from Sweden to Devon, greatly enhancing their exceptional artistry. As the sole surviving crystal factory in the UK, Dartington remains committed to handcrafting their esteemed crystal collection at their Torrington factory nestled in the picturesque North Devon hills. 

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