Dreamfarm BBQ Brizzle - Sauce Scooping Silicone BBQ Basting Brush, Black

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BBQ Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that scoops up sauce, drizzles to baste on or off the grill, and sits up with no drips.

• MASS DISTRIBUTION - Brizzle’s unique scooping head feeds sauces and marinades onto the BBQ brush for maximum flavor distribution while grilling.
• BEATS THE HEAT - 80 super-durable silicone bristles make our bbq sauce brush highly heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F and non-abrasive while still providing superior liquid retention.
• FLAVOR SAVER - Deep and flexible scooping head on the grill basting brush scrapes every last bit of sauce from your bowl, so no baste goes to waste.
• CLEAN AS A BRISTLE - The extra-long handle design on this bbq brush for sauce keeps your hand away from heat, while its clever bend sits the head up to keep counters clean between applications.

Length: 21.9cm, Width: 8.4cm, Height: 2.20cm
BBQ Brizzle is heat resistant up to 260°C/500°F, Dishwasher safe.



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