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Joseph Joseph GoEat Stainless-steel cutlery set

Joseph Joseph GoEat Stainless-steel cutlery set

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Disposable cutlery performs poorly, isn't enjoyable to eat with and needs to be discarded after only one use, creating lit... Read More
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Disposable cutlery performs poorly, isn't enjoyable to eat with and needs to be discarded after only one use, creating litter and contributing to the amount of waste going to landfill. Thankfully, this brilliantly compact three-piece set is the perfect alternative. It features a stainless-steel knife, fork and spoon that nest neatly together inside a rigid case for hygienic storage. Perfect for lunch-on-the-go, picnics, camping holidays or hiking trips.

• Set includes knife, fork and spoon.
• Reusable - made from stainless steel.
• Handles fit together to save space.
• Rigid case for hygienic storage.

Net Qty : 4
Pack Include :1 x stainless-steel knife; 1 x stainless-steel fork; 1 x stainless-steel spoon; 1 x storage case
Material : Stainless Steel
Colour : Grey

Size & Dimension

Length x 3.2cm Width x 5cm Height x 18cm

Use & Care

Dishwasher safe. Clean cutlery before storing in case.
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Joseph Joseph

Antony and Richard Joseph, twin brothers and designer-makers with an unwavering passion for invention, embarked on a remarkable journey when they conceptualised the inaugural product together in 2003 – a cutting-edge glass chopping board. Their collaboration marked the genesis of an extraordinary venture, Joseph Joseph, founded with a resolute vision to transform household tasks and elevate daily efficiency.

With a steadfast commitment to functionality, the duo adopted an approach wherein they meticulously identified everyday conundrums as their design catalysts. In their quest for inspiration, they delved beyond the surface, seeking unconventional sources to create ingenious solutions that seamlessly integrated beauty and durability. Be it streamlining meal preparations, optimising kitchen organisation, simplifying laundry duties, or tackling waste management, each Joseph Joseph product was thoughtfully crafted to enhance the ease of daily life.

Understanding the environmental implications of product creation, Joseph Joseph adheres to the principles of a circular economy. Guided by a commitment to waste reduction and pollution mitigation, the brand strives to employ recyclable materials wherever feasible. Joseph Joseph has garnered acclaim for the ranges of award-winning housewares, revolutionising mundane routines and amplifying efficiency in the everyday.