Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jar, 0.45 Litre

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The Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jar is perfect for preserving healthy, home grown foods and pantry storage. This stylish jar shape has a distinctive facetted design which is reminiscent of a bygone era.
The jar capacity is 0.45 litre / 450ml which is the perfect size for pickling small vegetables, preserving jams, chutneys and storing dry foods like tea, coffee, lentils and rice. Each jar embodies the traditional Kilner styling with the authentic embossed logo and contains a detailed instruction leaflet inside.
Robust and durable for everyday use.

Each jar is made from high quality sodalime glass material with pristine clarity and consistent wall thickness ensuring no weak points. Featuring a high grade stainless steel clip system, engineered to create the perfect tension providing an airtight and secure seal every time. Each jar comes with a durable rubber seal.

Glass is best for storing / preserving and transporting food and drink. It is made from natural ingredients so no harmful chemicals or toxins can leak into the food. Glass is BPA free and does not absorb odours, flavours or stains. Not only is glass a healthier option, it is made to last and never for single use. Kilner continues to tackle plastic waste with it's ethos of REUSE, REFILL, RECYCLE.


The Kilner clip top range features a distinctive facetted design reminiscent of a bygone era.
Whether you choose to store dried, preserved or pickled food, the distinctive iconic Kilner airtight clip system is designed to keep foods fresher for longer.
Length - 13.2 cm, Width - 10cm, Height -13.5cm
Dishwasher Safe Do not pour boiling water directly into your jarsbottles|Wash before first use


Kilner® was established in the 1840's in England. It provides simple solutions for food preparation, storage and eating on-the-go. Made to last and never single use, it lives up to the Kilner® ethos of Reduce, Reuse, Refill & Recycle. .

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