KitchenAid Mixing and Measuring Bowl with Handle - Black

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This KitchenAid Batter Bowl is BPA-free and features easy-to-read measurement markings in half-litres and US cup sizes. It also features a non-slip handle and integrated spout for easy, mess-free pouring. This batter bowl is ideal for accurately measuring both wet and dry ingredients, and features a non-slip base for added stability. This mixing bowl has a 8-Cup / 1.9 litre capacity. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

• CONVENIENT TOOL: use for mixing and measuring ingredients accurately
• MEASURE ACCURATELY: both wet and dry ingredients; Clear size markings in both metric and US units; Measures up to 1.9-litre capacity
• ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: for smooth operation; Features an integrated pouring spout for comfortable, mess-free pouring; Non-slip base for added stability
• DISHWASHER-SAFE: for easy cleanup

Length: 23.5cm, Width: 18.7cm, Height: 13cm
Dishwasher safe


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