KitchenCraft Barrel Mug Set, Exotic Floral, Set of 4

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Show off your love of nature, in all its stripes, with this colourful ceramic mug set. It features two designs – one is a burst of colourful exotic flowers, while the other sets lush green leaves against a bold chevron backdrop. With four in the set, they're ideal for kitting out a new kitchen, treating guests to coordinating cuppas, or simply growing your mug collection. They're made of high-quality porcelain, so they're ideal for daily use, and they have a chunky barrel shape that's perfect for wrapping your hands around. Need a hefty caffeine fix? Want to snuggle up with a big hot chocolate? Each mug has a 425ml (15 fl oz) capacity, so they'll hold plenty of the hot stuff. These floral / chevron mugs come securely packed in a KitchenCraft gift box. They'd make a lovely treat for a nature-loving friend (if you can bear to part with them…) Designed in the UK. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

• This is an artful four-piece kitchen mug set from KitchenCraft.
• It features 2 mugs in each vibrant design, one featuring bold chevron stripes, the other colourful flowers.
• The porcelain barrel-shaped mugs have a generous capacity of 425ml (0.5 pint, 14.5 fl oz)
• They're strong and durable, making them long lasting over years of repeated use
• Designed in the UK, Gift boxed
• Pack Includes: 4 x Mugs
• Color: Multi-color
• Material: Porcelain
• Capacity: 425 ml
"Length - 18.5 cm, Width - 18.5 cm, Height - 9.2 cm Product Weight - 1177 g"
Dishwasher and Microwave safe


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