KitchenCraft Eco Fry pan, 28cm

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How do you feel about non-stick coatings? Those scare stories can be worrying, can’t they? You won’t have any worries, with this great-value pan. It’s coated with Hydrolon, a premium non-stick surface material that’s water-based, which means no PFOA is used in the manufacturing process. Doing away with chemical nasties means it’s kinder to the environment, and also to the fry-ups on our plate.This pan is perfect for you, too, if you’d prefer to eat fried food with a clear conscience. It’s made of fast-conducting aluminium, which spreads heat quickly and evenly, making it your go-to when you fancy a bout of dry frying. When you want a juicy seared steak, or succulent, browned sausages, simply add your ingredients, gently turn up the heat, allow a little fat to drain out, and get cooking. This good looking pan is suitable for all hobs, excluding induction, and it has a specially designed handle with a cool touch surface, and a curved shape, making it easier to manoeuvre. It’s dishwasher safe too. ly way to enjoy fried food. You gently warm your ingredients, then allow them to brown in their own fat. It’s a process that requires a smooth, non-stick surface. Don’t worry, this pan won’t let you down.

• ECO-FRIENDLY NON-STICK: this pan has an effective water-based coating that's free of chemicals like
• PFOAHEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: the robust non-stick coating releases fried food effectively, so requires less oil
• FAST-HEATING ALUMINIUM: it distributes heat quickly and evenly, for fast, delicious results
• COMFORTABLE: it features a non-slip, stay-cool handle, shaped to fit snugly in your hand

Net Qty : 1
Pack Include : 1 x Square Griddle
Material : Aluminium
Colour : Grey

Length : 46.5cm,Width : 28cm,Height : 5cm
Dishwasher Safe


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