La Cafetière Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

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Ever considered investing in proper tea? This snappy loose tea infuser makes it so easy to enjoy the lush, complex flavours of loose leaf tea. In fact, it's almost as simple as popping a teabag in a cup. Unlike teabags, though, this metal tea ball can be used again and again, so you can cut down on waste too. Better-tasting tea and a happier planet? That's a win-win! Here's how to get started: simply squeeze the handle to open, pop in some tea leaves, and steep in hot water. It's designed to be used directly in your cup or mug, just like a teabag. As it steeps, the fine perforations let those soothing flavours mingle with hot water, while keeping the tea leaves firmly contained. When it's done, simply retrieve the infuser by its handle, then squeeze again to dispose of the leaves. You can then rinse it off, or just pop it in the dishwasher for a faff-free clean-up. This robust stainless steel tea strainer is designed to be rust resistant and long lasting – that's why it's covered by a 12 month guarantee.

• This loose leaf infuser from La Cafetière will make steeping tea easier
•  A manual tool, it allows the flavours to be infused for as long as the user likes
• Made of stainless steel, it's rust and stain resistant and won't impact the taste
• Made of stainless steel, it's rust and stain resistant and won't impact the taste
• Pack Includes: 1 x Tea Infuser
• Color: Silver
• Material: Stainless Steel
"Length - 16.5 cm, Width - 5 cm, Height - 5 cm Product Weight - 32 g"
"Can be cleaned by hand washing or is suitable for the dishwasher. Not Microwave Safe"

La Cafetière

La Cafetière has been serving café culture since 1967. The Barcelona collection is built to last and embracing the laid-back nature of its namesake its designed for relaxed moments to enjoy café.

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