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Luigi Bormioli Wheat Weiss Glasses, Set of 4, 780 ml

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As every craft beer has its unique and specific beer style, each should be served in the appropriate glass so that all its organoleptic features will be emphasized, as well as experiencing the unique sensations during the tasting process.
These glasses are made with etchings on the bottom of the glass, the Foam Control System (FSC), which help to maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head.
Height- 18.8 cm, Depth- 10.2 cm, Capacity- 780 ml
Dishwasher Safe

Luigi Bormioli

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Luigi Bormioli's finely crafted glass collections range from simplicity to sophistication and are all created through a blown process that maintains old world charm with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Through leading technology and proprietary processes, our products are created to be both beautiful and durable.

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