MasterClass Saucepan, 18cm

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This MasterClass 18 cm (7 in) ceramic induction-safe saucepan is healthy for you, and healthy for the environment. This saucepan is perfect for every day cooking. Its secret? Well, it's manufactured from the highest-quality materials. Its body is produced from heavy duty aluminium, which absorbs and distributes heat quickly and evenly. This results in quicker cooking times.This non-stick saucepan comes with a 15-year guarantee.

• KINDER TO THE ENVIRONMENT: this saucepan's natural non-stick coating releases no toxins during cooking
• SCRATCH-PROOF FINISH: the ceramic non-stick is extremely durable, and free from BPA, PTFE and PFOA
• TOUGHENED GLASS LID: features vents to release built-up steam and prevent it boiling over
• INDUCTION SAFE: made of aluminium, with a durable iron base that's compatible with all hobs

Net Qty : 1
Pack Include : 1 x frying pan
Material : Aluminium
Colour : Black

Length : 35cm,Width : 19cm,Height : 15cm


In the realm of gastronomic exploration, where every dish becomes a canvas for culinary artistry, MasterClass emerges as your unwavering ally, committed to unlocking the dormant master cook within you. With a resolute dedication to excellence, this illustrious brand offers an exquisite array of top-of-the-line cooking & baking equipment, serving as a catalyst for inspiration, empowering you to push the boundaries of your culinary prowess and unlock the boundless possibilities that reside within the kitchen's hallowed domain.

Whether you're embarking on the simple yet comforting journey of whipping up scrambled eggs or daring to conquer the majestic realm of a flawlessly executed lemon drizzle, MasterClass unveils a carefully curated selection of meticulously crafted tools, tailored to suit every culinary adventure.

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