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Mikasa Satori Rice Bowl And Rice Spoon Duo

Mikasa Satori Rice Bowl And Rice Spoon Duo



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Introducing the enchanting Mikasa Porcelain rice bowl and rice spoon duo - The Mikasa Satori Porcelain 16cm Rice Bowl i... Read More
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Introducing the enchanting Mikasa Porcelain rice bowl and rice spoon duo - The Mikasa Satori Porcelain 16cm Rice Bowl is part of the Satori Living collection. For those who love oriental designs these delightful rice bowl and spoon are finished in deep indigo with gold edge detailing and also features the embossed Seigaiha wave pattern, the traditional Japanese sign for good luck, energy and happiness.
The rice spoon can also be used for scooping up soup and curries as well as serving rice.

Beautifully finished and made from strong porcelain
The design embraces Japan, with calming indigo backdrops, gold bands and Seigaiha wave patterns
The spoon looks perfect when paired with any of the bowls in the Satori range
It can also be used for individual dips and sauces

Set Contains:
1-Mikasa Satori Porcelain rice bowl
1-Mikasa Satori Porcelain rice spoon
Net Qty: 2
Material: Porcelain
Color: Blue

Size & Dimension

Rice bowl-Length - 16cm, Width - 16cm, Height - 8cm Rice spoon-Length - 14cm, Width - 5cm, Height - 2cm Product Weight - 1kg
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